AJ Green 19 Targets

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcjules, Nov 1, 2013.

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    Not touches, he has to be thrown to. Around 19 times a game is good.
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    And what happens on these targets?

    Green 99 targets 5 TD 5 INT 82.1
    Bryant 76 targets 8 TD 1 INT 116.1

    Yardage doesn't correlate to wins, but pass rating sure does.
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    No. I break it up when I want to answer you point by point. I'm always (hopefully) trying to make a point when I post anything; otherwise, why post at all?
    Wait, is that what's happened, or are you just guessing? I'm thinking the latter.
    Oy. I love Dez. I think there are times, specific times, where we haven't looked his way and I wish we had. I also know that we've been very efficient throwing to Dez and we'd sacrifice some of that efficiency if we forced some kind of "Randy ratio" on him. I'm also very excited about how Terrance Williams is developing, and if Romo wants to throw to Terrance because he thinks that's the better matchup, I'm not generally going to argue. Similar story with Beasley: I think we know how to use him effectively and we're doing a good job of it. I don't think the answer is simply to force the ball more often to Dez. The answer is to figure out a way to beat the blitz more consistently: if that involves Dez, great. If it involves others, like, say, the RBs on screen passes, well that's great too. It's probably a mixture of things.
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    You want to defend a 1-6 team and the value of featuring their star running back that the team is eager to trade? It's a free country. Run free, run stoopid.
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    Percy...you are wasting your pearls on swine. Many of these fans just can't track logic.
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    That is funny. Over the last 7 seasons(ESPN stats only went back 7 seasons for targets) the average number of targets for the league leader was 11.3 targets per game. The highest during that span was 12.8 targets per game for Calvin Johnson last season. I doubt anyone is going to see 19 targets per game over a full season even in today's open offense NFL.
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    Dalton-to-Green is not an example that anybody wants to follow. It's a classic example of a player being over-targeted.

    So far in 2013, Dalton has 5 TD/5 INT on Green's 99 targets, and 11 TD/5 INT on his other 233 attempts.

    IOW, 1 out of every 20 throws to Green is a touchdown, and 1 out of every 20 is an interception.

    1 out of every 47 throws to everybody else is intercepted, and 1 out of every 21 is a touchdown.
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    noticed this well on tape....do you think is romo is moving too fast in his progressions? Granted leary was was getting abused by fairley, but sometimes looks like romo rules out certain options too soon
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    Better luck next year..
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    Total ownage.
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    i agree with this. After watching replay on nfl network the only difference between stafford and romo was stafford was willing to make them hard throws sidearmmed to get them in.
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    & his team still lost. Let's move on.

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