Akron highlights (w/ QB Dalton Williams)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by luckym, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Here is a highlights video I found of Akron for the 2012 season. In it you can see some things that Dalton Williams (reportedly an UDFA signing by Dallas) does.

    Not saying he will be a great UDFA signing, but I liked some things I saw in that video; there were some things not so good. All in all, it's hard to get a good read because the video is edited by a crackhead or something...


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    Forget something?
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    It wont let me link it here, sorry. If you go to YOUTUBE and search "akron football 2012 highlights"
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    I clearly never post much so there must be a rule Im unaware of.
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    Guess that is the right video
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    I like the kids release , very quick . Seems to have great mechanics
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    Ah, there it is, lol...
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    He was signed to be on the practice squad and run the read option in practice when it's time to get ready for those teams.
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    Good write up.

    Rookie FA Report: Broaddus Evaluates Akron QB Williams

    Posted 19 hours ago

    Bryan Broaddus Football Analyst/Scout

    The Cowboys have had recent success with undrafted rookies, with more than a handful winding up on the roster each of the last two years.

    Of course, Tony Romo and Miles Austin are two of the best rookie free agents in both Cowboys history, not to mention the entire NFL.

    So you never know when the next hidden gem will surface.

    The Cowboys have agreed to terms with more than a dozen rookie free agents. Football analyst Bryan Broaddus has scouted more than 200 players so far in the draft, so here’s his breakdown on some of the top players the Cowboys will sign in the next few days.

    Name: Dalton Williams

    Position: Quarterback

    College: Akron

    Height/Weight: 6-4 / 217

    Strengths: Right handed quarterback…physically looks like a quarterback….6-4, 217 5.02…The majority of his snaps were played in the shot gun…read option, pistol formations…can throw over the top or three quarters if he has to fit the ball inside because of rush…will slide in the pocket to buy a second chance…did a nice job of hitting the “4” or “In” against Florida International…ball was on target and didn’t make the receiver have to break stride at all…does a decent job of looking off coverage…looks like he plays with some awareness…outstanding ball handler…great with his play fakes and deceptions…showed some touch along the sideline…able to fit the ball to the outside and up the field…knows where to go with the ball…took some hits in the pocket and able to bounce back…not bad throwing on the move…actually better than throwing from pocket…made some decent throws moving both to his right and left…

    Read the rest:

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    One thing I truly believe is that success in football is really about being in the right place at the right time.

    All of these players are talented, but you get the right attitude, the right coach, and the right scheme, with the right players around you, and you can flourish. You get enough time and reps to develop, and the sky is the limit. Obviously having superior talent makes a difference though.

    I think you look at Matt Cassel and what he was working with in New England is a decent example of that compared to what happened when he went to Kansas City and didn't have all the elements in place that were in New England.

    If you get a few years to develop, and then you step in and have an offensive line, wide receivers, and running game to support you, you're obviously going to be better off than not having those things.
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    Highlight videos like that show you pretty much nothing.

    Impossible to do a legit evaluation with a zoomed in camera & slow mo.
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    One thing I took from it was a lot of them were against Tennessee and it made me wonder if Dooley suggested him.

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