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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Teague31

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    Is it me, or does Al look like his same old 285 pound self in those TC pics? I thought the camera was supposed to add 10 pounds. Can anyone who is there in person comment?
  2. MichaelWinicki

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    I don't see how anyone-- by looking at 72dpi photos could ever tell the exact weight of anyone.
  3. speedkilz88

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    I remember early reports that said he was thicker in the lower body which is where he needed it.
  4. WoodysGirl

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    Was listening to the post-PC feed from and they discussed this very thing.

    Basically said, they didn't see where he added a bunch of pounds of muscle. Looks pretty much the same to them. Apparently, they'd gotten a lot of questions about Johnson and that was their response.
  5. 5Stars

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    This kind or report just bothers me...

    See, it's not how much weight you gain, or how big you are...what counts is where the muscle mass was added. Perhaps he added more to his thighs and shoulders, where it not as reconizable?

    You don't have to LOOK big and mean...conditioning through the whole body is what makes someone strong. Chuck Norris could whip all these the same time! :eek:

    Look at the Denver Oline...those guys are not mammoths...!

    You can get bigger and stronger without haveing to look real big. Distribution of muscle mass and losing some fat is good...makes you strong! ;)

  6. Yakuza Rich

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    Maybe Johnson hasn't put on any weight, but a guy like him will put on lean muscle if anything. So you're taking a guy who probably has a low level of body fat and now he's getting even lower in the body fat. Lean muscle gains are somewhat difficult to distinguish with the human eye.

    I don't know what reason Dallas would have to lie about Johnson's weigh ins in the mini camps, so if they tell me he gained muscle I believe him.

  7. WilmingtonHeel

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  8. InmanRoshi

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    I think Al Johnson's weight, or lack thereof, might be the most overrated topic concerning the Cowboys. There have been a lot of centers that have excelled at the position a lot smaller than 6'5" 295.

    The official heights and weights of the centers who played in the Pro Bowl last February...

    Jeff Saturday 6'2" 295
    Jeff Hartings 6'3" 299
    Jeff Tobeck 6'4" 297
    Olin Kreutz 6'2' 292

    Only Bentley fits the mold of the 315+ mauler guy.

    By and large its a position that requires quickness, technique and savvy. All of the guys listed above have played 8-13 years in the NFL. Throw out his rookie year when he was injured, and Al Johnson has played 2. He just needs to continue to improve on his technique and strength and continue to grow as a player.
  9. burmafrd

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    Some guys can do it at less then 300 lbs. Some need to weigh that much to do it. Johnson dropped down to 285 by late last season and that is too light to do the job. He needs to get the weight and keep the weight.
  10. renny

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    Maybe his name should be Jeff Johnson
  11. InmanRoshi

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    Looking at NFL rosters, its seems the vast majority do it at less than 300 lbs. You think Jeff Saturday is pushing Jamall Williams backwards with brute strength? No, he's using techinque and quickness to play the leverage game to his advantage. Whether Johnson can do the same will determine whether he becomes an elite NFL center much more than whether he weighs 310.
  12. WoodysGirl

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    That was part of their discussion as well. They didn't spend too much discussing his weight. They spent more time discussing some of the things you guys said about technique.

    Used the Stepnoski analogy and then discussed the difference between Al and Step. Basically said Step was shorter so that was also an advantage for him. Mentioned because Al was 6'5" he may have a harder time gaining leverage and getting under guys.

    It was an interesting discussion if anyone wants to check out the replay on
  13. FrankBullitt

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    Mark Stepnoski? He was certainly under-sized but still had a long, winning Pro Bowl career while representing the Dallas Cowboys.
  14. Cbz40

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    Mark Stepnoski was 6'2" and his playing weight was around 265lbs..As IR expressed it is about technique and leverage. Mark was one of the best at doing so.
  15. Crown Royal

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    Interior lineman at 6'5" is actually a tough size, considering your average DT/NT is usually not over 6'5". If the guy you are going up against is shorter than you, he has a good chance of beating you on leverage.

    That is actually where the pitfall with Al Johnson is - he is tall and relatively light, so he loses the leverage battle and then doesn't weigh so much as to keep the DT from using that to his advantage. If Johnson was heavier, then the leverage issue would even out a bit.

    I don't see Johnson ever being better than OK. I just don't see him as a great center. And that isn't based on just build, something about his play/technique has never really rubbed me quite the right way.
  16. Big Dakota

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    If muscle and raw strength were the key, power lifters and body builders would be NFL Olinemen. You still have to know how to block. That's why "sleepy"(Bills words) players with little athletic ability like Fabini can play for a decade. It's a technical possition and Al, no matter how much added weight and strength, had better improve his technique.
  17. InmanRoshi

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    I think he's way underappreciated by Cowboy fans who have very little perspective or patience. If we go by Landry's 3 year rule, Johnson is just entering his 3rd year and already has 31 career starts under his belt. Because its such a technique intensive position that requires a lot of smarts to make line calls, most centers need a couple of years of development before they're even ready to start competing for playing time. If the Cowboys released him today, there would be a long line of teams standing in line to aquire him and he would have a very long, productive career for one of them.
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    Granted a shorter center can have some leverage advantages... and I mean some.

    A taller leaner man can have some advantages also. If they know how to use their longer arms they can hold a shorter man at bay... I've watched enough wrestling to know that many times a good good big man can beat a good little man by using his superior height and longer arms.

    Johnson needs to find his "own way"... how to use to use his advantages of height, arm length and quickness. I'm also betting that he has superior endurance.
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    Well said and very true.

    Personally I'd like to see this become more of a league of taller leaner players.
  20. Big Dakota

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    Plus, the knee was damaged and degenerating and needed to be fixed. I think it's taken him a long time to get back where he was in college. Mick touched on it a while back and mentioned how bad that knee really was.

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