Al Michaels Micro Analysis again!

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by aikemirv, Nov 17, 2008.

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    What is up with that. Last week on the Eli over the line of scrimmage and last night on the downing the ball incident. He seemed to be looking for a way to justify spotting the ball at the 1!
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    He just didn't understand the rule and believed the ball was dead when Cartwright first touched it.

    That said, Cartwright is a hell of a special teams player. We could use somebody like that......
  3. joseephuss

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    He gets so fixated on one thing that he misses some important points.

    He focused so much on Eli with respect to the red line that he failed to notice that the red line indicating the line of scrimmage was off about a 1/2 yard to a yard from the actual line of scrimmage.

    He focused so much on Cartright first touching the ball down that he failed to realize that that is not the rule for downing a ball on a punt.
  4. xWraithx

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    and BOTH times, Madden was making him look stupid

    The Eli over the line of scrimmage penalty - Al Michaels kept referring to the heel of Eli's foot touching the line of scrimmage thereby making it a legal throw while Madden was saying it doesn't matter because the ball had not been released yet until AFTER his heel was off and in front of the line. Al Michaels for some reason didn't understand that and kept going back to the heel. idiot.

    Last night downing the ball incident - Al Michaels kept saying that it didn't appear that any part of the Redskin player's body touched the goal line before the threw the ball into play... while Madden was trying to explain to him that the refs were not looking at that part of the play but rather at the part afterwards when the ball hit his body while he was on the goal line

    LOL Al Michaels... wow
  5. Hostile

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    I agree with both comments.
  6. superpunk

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    Eventually they explained why it was correct. Al just displayed some ignorance, but eventually they got it right.
  7. FCBarca

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    While I watched those incessant reviews on that touchback play, I kept thinking 'Why?'...Why are they continually reviewing this play?...You could see it from the first take that it hit him on the rear as he was already on the goal line...They repeated that replay over and over again, it was totally unnecessary

    Speaking of which, hearing the ref saying it 'Hit him on the rear' was pretty comical...Couldn't he have simply said 'It touched the player while he was in the endzone'??
  8. Royal Laegotti

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    I can't stand Al Michaels, i'd rather see Summeral, who doesn't know players names anymore, over Al!!!
  9. aikemirv

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    Yeah, he could have just said it hit him in the "Al Michaels" !
  10. bbgun

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    It sort of reminds me of the Cowboys-Seahawks game back in '04 when Keyshawn dragged his toes before going out the back.

    Do you remember how he kept saying "Dubious"?

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