Alabama Pro Day

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    11:55 a.m. - Alabama's pro day has concluded. Stay with TideNation for analysis and more player reaction. Thanks for joining us!

    11:47 a.m. - Courtney Upshaw: "I wanted to run well. I heard a lot of negative stuff from my performance at Indy and I wanted to do better. I was focused on the 40-yard dash and wanted to be in the 4.7 range. I heard a lot of times and I'm happy with it." Note: Upshaw ran a 4.77 40-yard dash.

    11:40 a.m. - Mark Barron: "I think it went pretty good. From all the feedback I got, people said I looked good. I'm OK with the performance I had today. I'm probably at about 80 or 90 percent."

    11:31 a.m. - Trent Richardson: "There wasn't any pressure. It was fun. As far as being tired, I sweat all the time. I'm a sweater. I had a lot of fun today."

    11:28 a.m. - Trent Richardson: "I'm 100 percent. I'm going to get better and better as the days go by. My 40-time, it was pretty good. I slipped a little bit at the start. I did pretty good overall."

    11:13 a.m. - Courtney Upshaw is still working hard. He is going through some intense footwork drills at the moment. Scouts looking for how well he changes direction, and Upshaw appears to be performing well.

    11:08 a.m. - Merril Hoge on site for pro day and says he has been impressive with Mark Barron's fluidness. Hoge also says is appears Trent Richardson answered all questions about his knee.

    11:05 a.m. - It appears Trent Richardson's workout has ended. He is heading over to the media for interviews. Mark Barron and others continue to go through drills. It's safe to say scouts saw everything they wanted to on Richardson considering the amount of drills he went through.

    10:58 a.m. - Safety Mark Barron, projected to be a top-15 pick, is going through coverage drills right now. The players are drenched in sweat and are really being put through the gauntlet.

    10:54 a.m. - Courtney Upshaw and Mark Barron going through some individual drills now. Trent Richardson continues to perform drills. His stamina is certainly being tested. Richardson is catching passes out of the backfield now and hasn't dropped a ball.

    10:51 a.m. - Nick Saban, being interviewed by the ESPN3 crew, was asked about Trent Richardson. "The procedure he had was very, very minor in nature and I think he is working out very well," Saban said.

    10:48 a.m. - A few scouts grabbed some blocking pads for a drill to test Trent Richardson's blocking ability. Richardson knocked down one of the scouts. Everyone got a good laugh.

    10:46 a.m. - The teams are putting Trent Richardson through drills that are specifically testing his knee. There are jumping drills that involve lateral movement.

    10:44 a.m. - Here are some of Trent Richardson's measurements from Thursday: 5 foot 10, 227 pounds, wingspan of 74 inches.

    10:42 a.m. - Trent Richardson is going through every drill he is being asked to do, and there are a lot of them. Most of the drills involve footwork and not speed or strength.

    10:39 a.m. - To this point, Trent Richardson is performing well and not doing anything to hurt his status as a potential top-5 pick in the NFL draft.

    10:36 a.m. - Trent Richardson performs the same drill again and does not knock over any cones.

    10:35 a.m. - Trent Richardson doing some individual footwork drills with cones. He knocked over a few of them and wasn't pleased.

    10:31 a.m. - Little bit of a break in the action here. Scouts and representatives are comparing their times.

    10:29 a.m. - The 60-yard shuttle is beginning.

    10:23 a.m. - CB Dre Kirkpatrick, as are most of the others, keeps knocking down the cones in the 3-cone drill. Kirkpatrick, however, just performed the drill again and was flawless.

    10:20 a.m. - 3-cone drills taking place. Marquis Maze not very smooth in this drill. Courtney Upshaw just finished running it. No unofficial times just yet.

    10:16 a.m. - This is the 20-yard shuttle run. Marquis Maze jumps in and runs well. No unofficial times yet on this portion of the workout.

    10:14 a.m. - Shuttle run coming up.

    10:11 a.m. - Courtney Upshaw also runs a second 40-yard dash and has an unofficial time of 4.81, the same time he had on his first run.

    10:09 a.m. - Trent Richardson runs the 40-yard dash for a second time and has an unofficial time of 4.58. Richardson told ESPN he's at about 75-80 percent right now.

    10:08 a.m. - Nick Saban talking with Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and New England head coach Bill Belichick.

    10:06 a.m. - Mark Barron runs an unofficial 40-yard dash time of 4.54.

    10:04 a.m. - Trent Richardson's unofficial 40-yard dash time is in the 4.5 range. Courtney Upshaw's unofficial time was 4.81.

    10:02 a.m. - Trent Richardson just ran the 40-yard dash. Times coming up shortly. Courtney Upshaw now lining up for the 40-yard dash.

    9:52 a.m. - Rob Ryan and Nick Saban chatting before the start of indoor drills. Couple of defensive masterminds there.

    9:46 a.m. - Overheard here that Trent Richardson and Courtney Upshaw will run today. Calculated risk as always.

    9:42 a.m. - Former NFL wide receiver Cris Carter is here at Alabama's pro day.

    9:40 a.m. - There's a representative from the Cleveland Browns here that could be interested in RB Trent Richardson at No. 4 in the first round.

    9:35 a.m. - Looks like we're about to start.
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    How did dre do ???
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    At what point are they going to actually release *official* times? :laugh2:
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    Feel like I was there with that level of detail, sc8.

    Rob Ryan and Jason Garrett chatting it up w/ Nick Saban can't be a bad thing. So many quality draft prospects represented at Alabama's Pro Day, no doubt about it. To all Cowboys reps in attendance: Pick the best one(s).
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    I'm hearing Barron is only 85-90% right now and performed great in the 40 and in drills. Looked very fluid. He isn't even in playing shape and looked this good. Once he gets back into playing shape scouts think he cold run even faster and turn even better.

    I'm hearing Barron locked up top 20 pick. Don't think Dallas could trade back if they want him.
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    From whom are you hearing that? The announcers/analysts?
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    a friend of mine that is a scout for the bears
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    I think Barron is the target. Jerry mentioned earlier this year that they were pleased with the front 7. Some other comments led me to believe that the secondary was the reason for the defense being bad.

    Not saying I agree 100%, but they added Carr and Pool. Pool is only here for 1 year, Sensy has 4 left. Adding a safety is a big possibility.
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    do you think fitzpatrick can also play safety? and who will be better a couple years from now - fitzpatrick or barron?
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    It is the off-season so Jerry lies but he did sound almost tearful in describing our need for a front 7 defender at 14.
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    Jason went to one pro day last year: USC.
    I am fairly certain we are seriously looking at Bama guys that play defense.

    Issue with Bama guys is always; can they improve at all in the pros. They got stellar weight training and positional teaching in college.
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    Not just Jerry everyone in the NFL lies this time of year. Hell even the Colts have said that Luck was not a lock to be their pick.

    I'm not sure I'm buying that. :D
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    I think you mean Kirkpatrick

    myself I think Kirkpatrick could be a very good FS once developed and would be much like a Malcolm Jenkins.
    I think Barron is a better SS. Two different players playing different positions.

    I think if you can get both its a win win. I'm not a big fan of either really.

    I think Barron is a fluid in the box zone SS the relies on his smarts. The guy knows whats going to happen. He can read a QB like no other and studies film all the time. But he doesn't have the ability to turn and run with faster WRs and TEs. He relies more on his instincts and smart than his natural ability.

    Kikrpatrick is more of a FS, alittle more fluid in change of direction. Doesn't have the top speed you would like but has more natural abilty to make plays on the ball deep. He is more of a man cover player than a zone player.

    I think Kirkpatrick will go later than most think, past the 20s but Barron will go in the teens due to a bad safety class. I could see Eagels, NY Jets, Chargers, Brngals and Titans would like to have Barron.

    The CB class is to good from round 2-3. Even the 1st round will have 4-5 CBs picked. Claiborne, Gilmore, Jenkins, Kirkpatirck are all 1st round picks and are all your day one starters. Robinson might also slide into the last 1st.
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    Yes, Kirkpatrick. I had a brain fart. :D

    The thing with Kirkpatrick is that he could play both FS and CB. I'm personally not too keen on him or Barron, but Kirkpatrick's versatility is something I'm sure the Cowboys would want.

    I realize that one is a SS and the other potentially a FS, but I'm trying to figure out who is the better football player and has more value for the Cowboys?

    But I guess between the Alabama defensive players, we may be more inclined to draft Barron or Kirkpatrick in Round 1.
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    He lamented the loss of Marty B, too, so he covered a lot of territory. Even when I think I have a handle on what Jerry really believes by what he's said, I tell myself, "There's no way I would be willing to bet that I'm right."

    Jerry talks. He sells. He schmoozes. But what does he truly believe, especially during the pre-Draft time of year? Who knows?
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    So since Hightower had his workout on the 9th he didn't do anything today? Hard to believe he's a target when Rob Ryan and Garrett show up on Alabama day he doesn't participate in.
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    He did drills today but not timed running or test

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