Alabama QB Greg McElroy

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    Don’t sleep on him

    Finally, it’s time to give some props to Alabama QB Greg McElroy. The guy has been known throughout college football as simply a game manager. However, if you really evaluate this guy with an open mind, he’s much more than that. McElroy does two things as good as any quarterback prospect in the nation.

    1. He throws a really accurate football on all levels of the field and it’s his ball location that really makes him tough to defend.

    2. The guy has a great feel for deciphering information quickly, finding his secondary options and delivering the ball on time in the face of pressure.

    Now, he lacks a great arm — which will improve a bit in the NFL — and he needs to become content throwing the ball away and not take so many sacks. However, I feel like McElroy has just been written off as a quarterback prospect before the year ever even started and if you look over the entire senior quarterback class, outside of Jake Locker, I think he stacks up quite well with the best of them.

    I think hes our QB pick this year - I mean with his old man working for the boys

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