Alcohol-influenced thoughts about the draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by igtmfo, Apr 21, 2009.

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    a) WRs and QBs have the biggest failure rate as far as draft picks. Ever more reason why Boys won't go for either early, they never seem to. Especially since some good/or/sleeper WRs will be available the second day of the draft.

    b) Trading down saves money/salary. I wouldn't be surprised if we trade down from 51. And the Cowboys and every team loves the first few picks of the second day (start of the third round). We've got the 69th pick, but might try to pick up a pick from 65-69 or very slightly later ... Scouts absolutely love the chance to get some sleep, then watch some film and call some college coaches because the start of the second day (pick 65) is a whole "new draft" and suddenly you have one of the "top picks of the draft" second day that is ... the Boys did this in 2007 with Stanback .....

    c) Do teams really watch who we bring in for visits? Do Cowboys really try to throw teams off the scent by "not" inviting certain players in?

    d) If this is as bad a draft as they say and teams reach for need, it is good for Ciskowski and Boys, who espouse a pure "best player available" draft. The more teams reach for need, the more "best player available" guys drop to the Cowboys.

    e) But "best player available" has its limits. Do you draft a BPA when you have, say, a young Pro Bowler at that position? Well, the Boys did right by picking two CBs and two RBs last year when we had decent starters and decent young depth behind them at each position. IMO, if you don't take the BPA, you will lose ground to every team in time, that does take the BPA every year. All right, but no RBs or TEs this year unless the guy is available three-four rounds later than you have him pegged.

    f) The Cowboys, despite their haul of picks on day two, go an entire round twice without a pick. From 69 to 101 (a whole round between early third and early fourth) and again from 117 to 156 (late fourth to late fifth) ... Jerry doesn't like these kind of gaps and will try to trade up or down to bridge these gaps so they will have a dog in the hunt every half-a-round for guys that will fall ...

    g) That's all. Listen to for local pure Cowboys-homer coverage of the draft. Saturday and best of all, all day Sunday ... Sunday draft coverage every pick, all day from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. with ole' Norm Hitzges who sits in the theatre in NY and broadcasts picks when everybody else has gone home ...
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    That was too well constructed.
    You need more alcohol.
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    Get ready, because I think we're drafting a TE.

    Probably between rounds 4-5, IMO.
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    Very nice. I would like to see what you come up with sober. :D
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    No way this happens. They trade up to between 34-40 for (Nicks, Britt, Barwin, English, or Beatty) when one of em falls. Since ten of eleven picks are already happening on the second day, it wont happen. Also even though Jerry has alot of debt to service on the new stadium, he has alot of money. He doesnt need to pinch pennies.

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