Alfonzo Dennard

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by johnnyd, Jan 25, 2012.

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    According to draft analyst Tony Pauline, multiple NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl believe Nebraska CB Alfonzo Dennard may have to move to safety after a rough performance in Mobile.
    Pauline allows that the suggestion may be "a bit premature," but Dennard has struggled in all three practices so far, reportedly looking "stiff" and being beaten regularly by receivers "who are likely last-day picks." Dennard goes 5-foot-10, 203, so he's got a bit of a free safety build. Per Pauline, Dennard will leave Mobile "with a draft grade much lower than when he arrived."

    i saw people mocking him to us , kinda the one guy i really didnt want at 14. much rather have jenkins if we go CB (assuming morris and dre are gone)
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    Not really a big fan of him. In fact, if Kirkpatrick is gone, CB should be held off until the 2nd or 3rd round.
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    agree 100%
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    one guy who i think has practiced really well who i hope falls to the second round is brandon boykin out of georgia. to me he's better than dennard and it's not really close
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    Dennard looks like a decent man cover guy who handles WRs he can touch but he is terrible playing off of WRs. When he walked up to press guys he fared well. When he played off he was almost never in the picture....

    I guess that has to be hips and means he probably is a late round pick who could help someone in limited situations.

    Nickel back/special teamer type is my guess.

    But he should at least be active for a team. There will be many worse players drafted.
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    Little short for a safety.

    I haven't been a fan of Nebraska DB picks lately. My buddy Larry Asante is a Nebraska product and plays for Tampa, and I think he's underrated (homer alert!) but Amakumara hasn't done a whole lot to impress, imo.
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    Give me a corner in the second round. Boykin, Johnson, or Gilmore.

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