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    Here's the Cowboys 2009 draft with analysis from the site

    Round 3, Pick 5 (69) (From Browns) Jason Williams OLB 6'1" 241 Western Illinois
    Pick Analysis:The Cowboys pick up an athletic linebacker with outstanding speed and quickness. Williams has the ability to rush off the edge and is a potential playmaker as an outside linebacker/special teams player.

    Round 3, Pick 11 (75) (From Bills) Robert Brewster OT 6'4" 325 Ball State
    Pick Analysis:The Cowboys pick up a hulking interior prospect with the selection of Brewster. Though he spent his college career as an offensive tackle, Brewster will likely move inside to guard for the Cowboys.

    Round 4, Pick 1 (101) (From Lions) Stephen McGee QB 6'3" 225 Texas A&M
    Pick Analysis:He had a great workout at his pro day. He's more of a developmental project, but he has all of the physical tools. Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman said McGee has pro potential, and Sherman should know -- he was Brett Favre's coach for several years in Green Bay.

    Round 4, Pick 10 (110) (From Bills) Victor Butler DE 6'2" 248 Oregon State
    Pick Analysis:Butler had a great workout at his pro day and jumped on the radar after starting just one year in college. The Cowboys need to fix their special teams and Butler, combined with the Cowboys' earlier pick of Jason Williams, will help. Butler is a standout on the kicking units. He has similar skills to the Broncos' Elvis Dumervil, and he shined in Oregon State's upset victory over USC this past year.

    Round 4, Pick 20 (120) (From Buccaneers) Brandon Williams DE 6'5" 252 Texas Tech
    Pick Analysis:Williams was an underclassman that may have been better served staying in school. Nevertheless, he has pass-rushing potential and is extremely athletic. There are questions as to whether he can be a linebacker, so the Cowboys may use him as a rotation defensive end in their 3-4 scheme.

    Round 5, Pick 7 (143) (From Raiders through Falcons) DeAngelo Smith CB 5'11" 194 Cincinnati
    Pick Analysis:The former Bearcat is a zone cover corner with good awareness. Smith has a good feel for reading routes and is an aggressive ballhawk in coverage. The Cowboys may move Smith to safety due to his physical presence on the field.

    Round 5, Pick 30 (166) (From Titans) Michael Hamlin FS 6'2" 214 Clemson
    Pick Analysis:The Cowboys add a rangy safety prospect with hard-hitting ability. Hamlin lacks elite speed, but he has the instincts and awareness to develop into a solid player in spite of his deficiencies.

    Round 5, Pick 36 (172) (Compensatory selection) David Buehler K 6'2" 227 Southern Cal
    Pick Analysis:The Cowboys increase their competition at the kicking position with the selection of Buehler. Incumbent kicker Nick Folk hit 91 percent of his field-goal attempts last season and was perfect on PATs, going 42-for-42. Still, Buehler is a physical specimen for a kicker and should contend.

    Round 6, Pick 24 (197) (From Dolphins) Stephen Hodge SS 6'0" 234 TCU
    Pick Analysis:Hodge is a special teams ace. He played safety at TCU and he will be a backup on defense. Still, he helps Dallas in the kicking game and continues the trend of the team trying to fortify what was a weakness last year in special teams.

    Round 6, Pick 35 (208) (Compensatory selection) John Phillips TE 6'5" 251 Virginia
    Pick Analysis:phillips is a good blocking tight end, who has had some injuries. He'll always be a third tight end, but he'll be good there. He won't get a lot of reps as the backup, but he's smart and will make the team as a solid role player. He will replace Tony Curtis, who left the Cowboys and signed with the Chiefs.

    Round 7, Pick 18 (227) Mike Mickens CB 6'0" 186 Cincinnati
    Pick Analysis:Mickens led the nation in interceptions last season and was a track superstar in high school. He has speed and very good quickness. This is exceptional value for a pick in the seventh round. Mickens has a chance to be the third corner for the Cowboys.

    Round 7, Pick 20 (229) (From Bears through Buccaneers) Manuel Johnson WR 5'11" 189 Oklahoma
    Pick Analysis:Johnson has the quickness and speed that teams crave at the wide receiver position. He may have been better than Juaquin Iglesias (Round 3, 99th overall to the Bears) at catching the ball at Oklahoma. Johnson is a small receiver, but he's got the ability to stick in the NFL.

    I can't complain about this draft, because they got my favorite player in Jason Williams. Yessssssssss!!!! Thank you Jerry! :bow:

    Brewster and McGee seem like solid picks for us right now, but I'm not comfortable with the Victor Butler, Brandon Williams and DeAngelo Smith picks. We'll see, just how we use those three on defense and special teams. Hamlin, Buehler and Hodge were excellent picks, considering where they were drafted IMO. I don't like the Phillips or Johnson picks at all, but Mike Mickens could be a steal for us in the 7th round. Still, I'd give our draft a B- grade, because we didn't get another NT or a speedy WR for the slot position and I would have liked that, since we had 12 picks to get them with. I'm mad and just can't believe Vaughn Martin was taken that early too, he was my safety net for the to speak. Just goes to show, that scouts with 3-4 defenses do their homework and one teams' UDFA prospect is another teams' potential starter.
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    Manuel Johnson sure looks like a speedy slot guy to me.
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    Johnson's 4.50 speed in the slot, is not what I had in mind. Johnson will get constantly jammed, because DB's won't respect his speed to get behind them.

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