All-Character, All-Production, All-American Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BAT, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Players with character issues need not apply. Unfortunately some favorites will be left off (Fairley and Quinn). Otherwise this mock is about guys who have high character, been consistent performers, big time intangibles (all out hustle, work ethic & leadership), and must have been an All-American sometime in their college career:

    Trade down from #9 and acquire another 2nd:

    1st - J.J. Watt | DE | Wisconsin | 6'5 290 4.81 - Lott Winner, 2nd team All-American, First team All-Big 10, team MVP: finished in top 5 at combine in all DL drills, athletic but wins battles with violent hands, strength, length & all out effort, hyper intense, some scouts thought he was too obsessed with football; only 2 years experience at DE (used to be TE)

    2nd - Stephen Paea | DL | Oregon State | 6'1 303 4.95e - Tillman D Player of Year Winner, 2X Morris Winner (best D player in Pac-10), 2010 first team All-American: ultra quick and physical, always looking for the strip; defeats double teams & is immovable against the run; 49 reps of 225, considered one (if not the) strongest player in NCAA. Plays at high level even injured and against NFL caliber competition, will not be outworked, exceptional character & leadership; just started playing football his SR year in high school

    2nd - Marcus Cannon | OL | TCU | 6'5 358 5.29 - 3X All Mt West, 3rd team All-American; no sacks allowed in 2010, massive and extremely powerful (had combine best for OL pushing 225 33 times) and amazingly agile and athletic, especially for his size; LT that projects to RG or RT at next level - can only imagine what Woicik can do with this kid

    3rd - Taiwan Jones | RB/KR/Slot | Eastern Washington | 6'0 196 4.35 - Big Sky O Player of Year, 2X All Big Sky, All-American; electric open field runner as RB, WR or returner; averaged 7.9 ypc for his career; former corner who converted his last 2 seasons to the RB position; rushed for 1700 plus yds and 14 TDs in 2010, averaged over 200 all-purpose yds per game

    4th - John Moffitt | OL | Wisconsin | 6'4 219 5.54 - First team All-American & Big 10; horrible body and timed athleticism; plays much faster and stronger on the field, easily gets to second level; very smart, outspoken & versatile, started at both OG and C; blocked for two 1,000 yd rushers in 2010; great leadership

    5th - Mark Herzlich | LB | Boston College | 6'4 250 4.95 - 2010 Rudy, Piccolo & Spirit Winner; 2008 All-ACC, ACC D Player of Year, First Team All-American; had 4 INTs in 2010 & 6 INTs in 2008, not a freak athlete but amazing football IQ and instincts; super intense & unsurpassed work ethic; leader & inspiration on and off field; when 100% was a true beast against the run; beat cancer in 2009; could be a Witten-like steal

    6th - Owen Marecic | FB | Stanford | 6'0 245 4.97 - 2010 Hornung Winner (most versatile); First Team All-American; All Pac-10 (FB) & Honorable Mention Pac-10 (LB); Loves to do the dirty work; lead blocker extraordinaire; tough & resilient; effective short yardage runner; true throw back player

    7th - Mark LeGree | FS | Appalachian State | 6'0 210 4.49 - 3X FCS All-American; 22 career INTs (leads Div I); ballhawking centerfielder who enjoys contact; baits QBs; Great football IQ and instincts - lines up secondary & D; has range and athleticism to go and get balls in the air

    7th - Justin Rogers | CB/KR | Richmond | 5'11 180 4.45 - 3X All-CAA (at both corner & punt returner), 2X Honorable Mention All-American; electrifying returner & shut down corner; will take INTs and FR to the house


    UDFA - David Mims | OT | Virginia Union | 6'8 335 5.32 - 2X CIAA; a mammoth run blocker that enjoys finishing blocks; freakish arm length (if that is your cup of tea) at almost 37" with over 86" wingspan; agile for his size & strong (29 reps of 225)

    UDFA - Ryan Travis | FB/H-Back | West Liberty | 6'2 245 4.65 - 2X Little All-America; led nation with 126 catches for over 140 yds per game w/15 TDs & over 1400 yds
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    That's a very nice mock draft.

    I'd be happy with that. We would definitely get contributors early on from a draft like that.
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    not bad at all.
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    If mock drafts turned me on, my monitor would be absolutely filthy after reading this mock....:laugh2:
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    Ignores two biggest needs. ROT and FS. But, lots of good talent.

    You're bias for defense is noted. Do you think that is where the team has biggest needs?
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    Not a lot of flash, but a lot of substance. That's exactly what the Boys need right now. I like the idea of an all-character draft.

    6 offensive - 2 OT's and 1 OG, Taiwan Jones good pick for versatility.
    5 defensive - In a trade down, Watt would be a monster pick for us. I think he starts right off the bat.

    I'd be happy with this mock. If they can get Huff down here and McCann and/or Akwasi take steps toward being more productive on defense, then this could become one of our best offseasons in a long time, in terms of roster development.

    A bunch of young, high character, accomplished(albeit at the collegiate level) hungry players should light fires under any current players who may be complacent, lazy, or think they have their position locked. After last season, there should be an extra bright spotlight on any and every player who does not come in focused and ready to contribute.

    Good job.
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    Marcus Cannon can play RT and G. Safety can be filled in free agency.(might already have been)
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    So can Leonard Davis
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    Uh .... thanks?

  10. BAT

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    RT and FS are not ignored, just not addressed as early in the draft that some would like. I think Cannon can play RT, the guy absolutely has the feet for it. He has better technique in pass pro than even Carimi IMO (and I really like Carimi).

    And I really believe that LeGree is underrated. He has great ability to get the ball when its in the air. And he has great football IQ to go along with his instincts. A real quarterback of the secondary. But most of all, LeGree is a true saftety (no transition necessary) who has been ultra productive his entire career. Excellent STer as well.

    And if I really had a say in who to draft, I would have taken Mims in place of Rogers. But Mims was never an All-American. Plus Rogers has great intangibles to go along with his accolades. Played at a lower level but absolutely dominated. Mims is going to be a better pro hopefully, he certainly has the tools and tude for it.

    And yes, I am a bit anxious about our defense. The offense is set, likely one or two changes, but for the most part there is not going to be a lot of new faces due to the fragility of offensive chemistry. The D grossly underperformed last season and have had a tendency to lay eggs at odd times even when they were top 10. Ryan is going to install a new D and I have a feeling that if the D leaders struggle, they will balk and ask to "simplify" the system (as they have done in the past). The D needs to be pushed. More than any other unit, I believe that there is a strange sense of entitlement on that side of the ball. New blood, and especially a new attitude are just important for the D as it is for the OL. Maybe more.
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    I'm not very big on JJ Watt as our 1st pick but because in this mock we trade back, pick up more picks to add value and get Watt at a proper 1st round pick I can live with it.

    Especially because this whole draft builds our trenches with quality, dependable and physical football players.

    I want a player who can take over a game at #9 but that's not any easy task when you hold the # 1 overall pick.

    Overall, this would be a good draft that would help our team with 3 solid starters immediately.

    Maybe only 1 dominant one though and that would probably be Cannon.
  12. BAT

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    Thanks Woods! At the very least, this group will compete with all they have. Not one of them would have to be begged or scolded to rehab or work harder. These guys are all self motivated and smart but still brim with potential to get better.
  13. BAT

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    This was my thought exactly. Appreciate the analysis. Huff would be a stop gap but a necessary one perhaps. I just hope that he brings the kind of attitude that this team needs. No more guys with individual agendas and finger pointers. This team does not necessarily require more talent, but more grit.

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