News: All Focus On Arch-Rival Cowboys

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    The headlines are screaming his name: DeMarco Murray became a star with a club-record 253 rushing yards in Dallas' win over the Rams on Sunday, and he is another reason to respect the Cowboys ...
    A 34-7 win over the woeful Rams was exactly what Dallas needed after five nail-biting games in which they won two and lost three. It was a chance to flex some muscle and take advantage of an overmatched team headed for the top of the 2012 NFL draft.

    If there were any Eagles who thought the game after a bye week was automatic simply because Andy Reid is unbeaten in his head coaching career after the bye week, that thought was quickly dismissed: Dallas is a supremely talented football team that has everything to play for on Sunday night.

    This bears repeating: The Eagles need to win the NFC East to reach the playoffs. There are too many wins out there to think about a Wild-Card spot. Detroit has five wins already. The Bears are playing good football. Tampa Bay, New Orleans and Atlanta are all going to threaten 10 or 11 victories.

    With conference losses to Atlanta, New York and San Francisco, the Eagles are already in a tough spot as far as tie breakers and the things you look at in December. So the focus has to be on every minute of every game, and certainly to play great football within the NFC East.

    Sweep the rest of the division and the Eagles would be in fine shape. The Redskins are fading quickly. The Giants are 4-2 and they deserve a lot of respect, but they also have a very tough schedule the last half of the year. Dallas? Outstanding team. Great talent. Good coaching. Highly motivated.
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    not a bad article
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    If you want to get a positive report on the Cowboys you need to go to the Philly website. How sad is that. :laugh2:

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