All is quiet on the Dez Hate Train?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by CalPolyTechnique, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. percyhoward

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    Our offense's three worst games.
  2. Verdict

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    Yes. We didn't look that great against the Eagles in the first game at times either. If they had a more experienced QB their rating might be a bit higher too.
  3. Lody

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    jump balls often lead to big plays he has 8 td's in 12 games. only 5 wr has scored more td's than he has, and thats with him missing 3 games. Im afraid his demise has been overstated. he still makes big plays in a run first offense.
  4. percyhoward

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    We could have beat the Giants both times, and I feel like it's inevitable that we win if we play them again. That said, I wouldn't mind if we didn't see them again again next year.

    Falcons, Packers, and Patriots have the three best passing offenses in football right now. The defense will have to play like it did in the 2nd half tonight, or we'll just have to keep up with them.
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  5. percyhoward

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    Defensive passer rating is only what opposing QB do against that defense. And the Eagles' D was up there in the top 5 when we played them.
  6. Verdict

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    Part of your post is accurate and part of it is misleading. Dez has decent stats in some games. Tonight was very good.

    Jump balls put the ball in harms way. The margin of error is slight on a jump ball. Jump balls lead to a potential for ints.

    Dak is throwing to receivers who get separation which is why he has few turnovers and lots of wins. It also keeps the chains moving and scores points.

    Dez has the ability to get jump balls but the higher percentage play is the better decision most of the time. That is why Dak is setting all sorts of records. Not because Dez can out muscle a guy for a jump ball 70 percent of the time.
  7. Verdict

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    Understood. I am just saying the Eagles defense is salty. The problem is that their offense isn't good enough to keep the defense off the field or give them consistently good field position to work with which may slightly devalue their defense.

    I may be wrong about that but that's where I am going with that.
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  8. CalPolyTechnique

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    We're talking about how Dez performed against specific secondary units.
  9. Lody

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    Dez has more 20+ yard receptions than any Wr on the team. more td's than any receiver on the team. more big plays period. yes, Dak benefits from having a WR that can go up and snatch the ball, its ok to admit it. the 6 and 7 yards dumps to Beasley are cool, but the big plays from dez are more valuable in the grand scheme of things
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    You should consider inserting this into every post you make.
  11. drawandstrike

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    Well Percy isn't narrowing down the focus of how bad the entire offense played in those 3 games to just blame it on Dez; i.e., if only Dez had 'shown up' in those games, we'd have won them or something.
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  12. Cmac

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  13. Texas_Pete

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    I am critical of Dez just like I was tonight about Dak. For example, he took hits instead of sliding even though he had a phenomenal overall game. Shoot, I have Dak's jersey for crying out loud, so of course I believe in him and I support him. Doesn't mean I hate him. Quite the opposite. I want him to do well because when he does well it helps my Dallas Cowboys win. It's called tough love, not hate.

    If Dez does well, I'll acknowledge it:

    ^ That's fantastic. He had a clear advantage last night. Linehan and Dak recognized it and went to him. He delivered big time. We need a game or two like this from him if we want to win it all.

    I just can't stomach any 1-3 catch games from him. When he plays well it takes that 9th man out of the box. When he doesn't, our whole offense is stifled. We might not score 42 for the rest of the season, but our offense was humming because Dez was doing Dez things. Props to him for balling out. We need that going forward.
  14. Dave_in-NC

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    No one wants him to fail. Some just want consistency. You know make he best of his opportunities every game, like number ones do.
    Look interested every game not just once in a while.
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  15. Ultra Warrior

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    Was a good game from Dez, so don't get carried away. Could just as easily vanish in the Playoffs like he did 2 seasons ago & T-Will will take up his slack. Surprisingly, T-Will had a pretty good day on one of our scoring drives with back to back to back 1st downs.
  16. waving monkey

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    Ya,catching is what receivers do now throwing with either hand that's a more obscure talent I'm not read up on
  17. reddyuta

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    well we are not going to see another rambling post from Latinmind on how dez sucks for one more week atleast.
  18. Frozen700

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    They do...

    But still, like OP is basically saying. Why can't you show you're true colors 24/7?

    Why behave like a little pansy ***** and go into hiding when a guy does good? Then come out like Superman when he does bad.

    Just be consistent
  19. Frozen700

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    I always swore this forum was 90% females. Teenage females

    "Romo is fat"

    "Why is he spending his money like that"

    The constant flip flopping, and mood swings. The panic attacks after a loss.

    There is no way grown men behave this way. These are the habits of a male sissy if so.
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    Meh. If the haters respond to being called out with more hate so be it. I'd still rather see them called out on their nonsense.

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