All is quiet on the Dez Hate Train?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by CalPolyTechnique, Dec 26, 2016.

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    I firmly believe it is not really hate. It is just an internet board "I told you so" mentality.
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    Seriously. These call out threads do nothing but feed the hate cycle.
  3. kurtatx

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    They also make it seem unreasonable to criticize an underperforming non-quarterback that makes $14 million per year.

    I like Dez and much of his critics are unfair, and yet the fact is he has been far more inconsistent week to week than I would have liked at times.

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    Good morning!

    Please don't insult the women who post regularly on this board. We are good posters and are less of what you mention above than the men who post here. Has nothing to do with gender, but love of football and the Cowboys!

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the win!
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    Agreed. But I absolutely understand. Guys go way past being disappointed with a players performance. They go way over board and attack the guy personally, demand trades, marginalize the players talent and so on. Then when you try to back up your claims said players isnt a waste of a human being you then get attacked for your stupid point of view. This is why call out threads are prevalent here at the zone.

    Last night was a perfect example as the high school girls were crying that our defense was pathetic and one and done in the playoffs. No hope at all for this team and Marinelli needs to be fired.

    One can only listen to so much of that crap. Sack up and support your team, have a little faith we are 13-2 yet people panic at the first sign of adversity.

    Edit: no insult to the women on this board as they are freaking fantastic. Just highschool girls are dramatic is all. I know I have 2 girls.
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    lol... I just really dont understand what does his contract has to do with anything. I could point out a specific game where Peyton Manning was not worth his contract, you pay the player because of what he is capable of doing, he is a playmaker!! He can take over a game and win it for you, there are not many WR who can do that and thats why you pay those players. I could point out bad games for evey elite WR in the league.

    Everyone had a bad game against the Giants, Giants players also get paid to play the game... Welcome to the NFL.
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    If I offended my bad

    Moreso speaking of men with female like tendencies. Which is nothing compared to a lady. Again if I offended. Sorry
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    Never have hated Dez only wanted to see him step it up and start making the impact that was expected from him. He went out and played great last night and I hope he continues to play as he did in this game. Big time players step up in big time games. Jerry Rice always stepped up even when team knew he was the main target, Irvin step up in big games. I want to see Dez be in that class of WR coming up big when it matters the most
  10. CalPolyTechnique

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  11. CalPolyTechnique

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    Ding...ding...ding: WINNER

    I'd have much more respect for these folks if they were creating the same threads in 2012, 2013, 2014...when Dez was healthy and playing under Romo.
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    I honestly think you are only talking about 4-5 people out of a couple of hundred
    That's not a train...maybe a few planks in one train car.:muttley:

    I will say this; all three of those Dak TD passes had great catches by the WRs on the other end. Pretty stuff.
    Dez' catch was amazing.
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  13. CalPolyTechnique

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    It really only a handful of posters and that's who it was intended for. Some have showed up (verdict), while others haven't (go figure).
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    More insults? That's pretty childish.
  15. Verdict

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    So are you saying he had a bad game now? Stooped defending him already? Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!
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  16. Verdict

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    I agree that we "should" in theory beat the Giants. We are actually a better team than they are. We have wasted two pretty decent defensive efforts against them earlier this year. I feel like our play calling (offensive) left something to be desired in both games.

    I would like to see Zeke run outside more frequently and to incorporate the threat of the halfback pass in the arsenal to back off the defense from mobbing Zeke. It makes an immense amount of sense to do it. Hopefully that is coming in the playoffs.

    Dez being absent in both of the Giants losses really didn't help and allowed the Giants to mob tackle Zeke. We were far too predictable in our play calling both of the losses.
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  17. Verdict

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    Actually, prior to this year I might have agreed with that statement. I believe that the number of catches that Beasley is getting (career year) is actually far more important than people realize. He keeps the chains moving. We are winning games. We aren't turning the ball over. We are 13 and 2. Beasley is a big part of that.

    Dez is supposed to be THE MAN on offense being paid more than any other skill position than the QB and in big games against tough defenses, he has often disappeared. Some will say he has been schemed out. That's partially true, but part of the reason he can be so easily schemed out is that he is a bit of a one trick pony.

    Guys like Julio, A.J. and Brown tend to be more reliable week in and week out than Dez. That doesn't mean he isn't valuable. He is just a very good possession receiver, with above average strength, above average speed, who is also a poor route runner who often loses concentration.

    If you put Jerry Rice's brain in Dez Bryant's body you would really have something great on your hands. But he doesn't have Rice's intellect.
  18. PA Cowboy Fan

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    They'll show up if we don't win the SB. Pathetic.
  19. Verdict

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    What I think is amazing id how angry these guys get over saying a player had a bad game, or games, or is under performing. These guys want to get tar and feathers ready for anyone who dares to say anything negative about a player. I have said over and over in this thread that Dez played pretty well yesterday, yet the hate is strong.

    I would love to see Dez return to dominance, because I am a Cowboys fan. I spend my money on season tickets and drive about 4 hours one way to attend pretty much every home game.

    With that being said, yesterday's performance doesn't erase him laying two eggs against the Giants, or the dropped pass in Green Bay or the other gaffes he has made. I am rooting for him to put it all together.

    This team is better with Dez than without Dez, but forcing the ball to Dez if he can't get separation is not a productive, sustainable game plan. I would rather see us winning games, and moving the chains and scoring touchdowns on most drives like we are rather than a fantastic grab to a td by Dez on one play and an int on the next go round.
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    Here's the butter coming up, pass the salt please.

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