All the way in South Africa.

Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by Austin 3-16, Sep 13, 2010.

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    My name is Ndabenhle(try saying that) which is Zulu for 22.i had read about the 92-93 Cowboys in Sport illustrated.i thought if i ever had the chance to watch the NFL that would be the team i support.we got satellite television in Nov 08 and i got to follow the league through ESPN saddens me to tell you i only ever get to see the boys if they play the 8.20 game on a Sunday or the MNF fixture on ESPN.
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    Too bad you don't get the games each week. This is the best site to get your Cowboys information. Maybe one day you can come to the States and watch a game at Cowboys Stadium :)

    It's good to hear from Cowboys fans all over the world.
  3. Austin 3-16

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    Cowboy stadium,now that would be unreal.
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    Weclome partna. Enjoy it, you picked the right team.
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    I like you... great story...

    I have an extensive Cowboys collection...

    PM me your address and I will send you some goodies... at my expense...
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    If you have the money you could try NFL Gamepass from (That's how I follow the Cowboy games in Germany) If not, you should try They have the games usually a few days later.
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    You received an email recently, didn't you?.

    Do we have to call you "Your Excellency" now, 'cus ummm....?


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    Welcome 3-16. Well, I guess a fan who can only see the team they root for, or even hear them, as occasionally as you do is a fan indeed. Welcome to this site. I hope we can help you in keeping up to speed on any and all Cowboy info. Anybody who would go to the lengths you do, is certainly welcome in my book.

    I hope you post often and enjoy the time spent.


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