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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by BigDFan5, Jan 31, 2006.

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    Summer your PM mailbox is full empty it fool!
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    Jordan played MLB...

    and I would go with Thomas Hollywood Henderson who was Lawrence Taylor before there was a Lawerence Taylor... at OLB

    Cosby/Novachek/Billy Joe Dupree/Mike Ditka are all more worthy than Witten imho

    Cornell Green, Everson Walls as a 3rd and 4th Corner

    and you have 2 Harris and Woodson...Woodson I think was probably the best all around Safety the Cowboys ever had but as a pair it was hard to beat Harris and Waters (the dynamic duo) together they were phenominal

    Offensive Tackles I agree with Wright at LT and big ole Erik Williams pre accident on the right side...

    Center I would rather Manders or Fritzgerald but probably Fritz who was very good at the Shotgun snap as well as the normal center duties
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    You know I'm surprised no one has mentioned Nate Newton. Now i know off the field he had some issues but on the field the guy was a beast. Also I'd put Novachek ahead of Witten........... for now.
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    Mel Renfro was primarily a FS. One of your starting corners should probably be Herb Adderly or Cornell Green instead.
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    This wouldn't be a popular choice, but my TE would be Pettis Norman.
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    Alright, I decided to just make my own:

    QB - Roger Staubach
    RB - Emmitt Smith
    FB - Moose
    TE - Pettis Norman (Doug Cosbie in on the short yardage)
    WR - Mike Irvin
    WR - Tony Hill
    WR - Drew Pearson
    G - John Niland
    G - Larry Allen
    T - Rayfield Wright
    T - Ralph Neely
    C - Dave Manders

    DT - Randy White
    DT - Bob Lilly
    DE - Harvey Martin
    DE - George Andrie
    LB - Chuck Howley
    LB - Hollywood Henderson
    MLB - Dave Edwards
    CB - Cornell Green
    CB - Deion Sanders
    SS - Darren Woodson
    FS - Mel Renfro

    KR - Lance Rentzel
    K - Chris Boniol
  8. Zaxor

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    looks good parchy

    I like Ed Jones better but really you can't go wrong with any team given yet
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    You may be thinking of someone else...Mel Renfro was one of the best CBs the NFL has ever seen...he won an MVP of the ProBowl playing CB and went into the HOF as a CB. He moved to FS some but at 190 lbs and with his speed, the best part of his career was at CB.
    Cornell Green played FS for the Cowboys in his career.
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    :lmao: :lmao:
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    Erik Williams pre injury was a total beast and ate Reggie Whites lunch easily, as well as everyone else. So him and Wright as the tackles. LA and Niland the guards looks good. Step as the center. Roger, Emmitt, Walt Garrison only because while not as good a blocker as Moose he was a fine runner and could catch the ball as well. Bullett, Mike as the WR. TE is a toughie- Ditka, Novacek one or the other- Witten is not a good enough blocker yet.

    The DT's are the easiest picks of all- Manster and Lilly. DE obviously one has to be Too Tall; the other is a tossup between Harvey and Haley.
    LB's - Hollywood was something else so he has to be one; Lee Roy was the man at MLB. Howley the othe OLB. As good a set as you will ever see.
    CB's: obviously Deion and Renfro as the starters; nickel back would be Cornell Green. SS has to go to Charley Waters- and you cannot break up a great set so the other has to be Cliff Harris. Woody was better in coverage then Charley but Charley brought more wham. I would put it as Woody and Cliff but you just cannot break up the greatest pair of all time.
    Punter- we never really had a great one but I pick Danny White for the simple reason that he could run the fake. Kicker- I say Toni Fritsch.
  12. joseephuss

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    Ditka did not do that much while in Dallas. Witten did more last season than Dikta did in his 4 year stint with the Cowboys. Mike did all his great stuff while he played in Chicago. Witten may very well turn into the all time best Cowboys TE, but it is still too early in his career to give him that title. Billy Joe Dupree is still the best.
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    Here's mine (3 deep in some cases)

    QB- Staubach, Aikman, Meredith
    HB- Emmitt, Dorsett, Perkins
    FB- Moose, Garrison
    WR- Irvin, D. Pearson, Hayes, Hill
    TE- Novacek, DuPree, Cosbie
    T -Erik Williams, R. Wright, Donovan
    G- Allen, Newton
    C- Fitzgerald, Stepnoski


    DE - Martin,Too tall Jones
    DT - R. White, Lilly, Pugh
    OLB - Henderson, Howley, Manders
    MLB - Lee Roy Jordan
    CB - Renfro, Walls, Kevin Smith(Pre-injury)
    FS - Waters, Green
    SS - Harris, Woodson
    K - Boniol (he was pretty solid)
    P - D. White (he did punt for a while)

    I put Martin and Too Tall as the starters because in thier primes, they were unblockable. Lilly and R. White as DT at the same time would be nightmares for opposing offenses. Why Lee Roy is not in the Hall of Fame is beyond me, the guy was a winner. If Henderson could have stayed away from the drugs, he would have had a hall of fame career. I mean, Henderson returned kicks early in his career, he was that athletic. Kevin Smith was my pick for the third corner because before his injury, he was very good.

    Offensively, We had so much talent through the years that you could put any of these guys in as starters and still win.

    Just my 2 cents


    P.S. I would put Dallas' all time team up against any other teams all time team any day and Dallas would win easily.
  14. trickblue

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    Dave Edwards at MLB over Lee Roy Jordan?
  15. ConcordCowboy

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    Hollywood Henderson...I always loved him!

  16. parchy

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    They were both undeniably crucial in that Doomsday Defense. When you get to that level, it's all about preference.
  17. trickblue

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    Although the list is purely preference at many positions, I have a really hard time leaving Jordan off. ROH, HOF nominee... Lilly said he was what made the flex run and was one of the best players he had ever seen.

    Edwards was no slouch, but I put him more on the level of Bob Bruenig... very very good players...
  18. silver

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    Here's mine

    QB. Roger Staubach
    RB. Emmitt Smith
    FB. Robert Newhouse
    WR Michael Irvin
    WR Drew Pearson
    WR Bob Hayes
    TE Jay Novacek
    LT Pat Donovan
    LG Nate Newton
    C Mark Stenoski
    RG Larry Allen
    RT Rayfield Wright

    DE Harvey Martin
    DE Charles Haley
    DT Bob Lily
    DT Randy White
    OLB Ken Norton
    MLB Lee Roy Jordan
    OLB Hollywood Henderson
    LCB Everson Walls
    RCB Deion Sanders
    FS Cliff Harris
    SS Roy Williams

    K Rafael Septien
    P Danny White
  19. Jarv

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    I like Newhouse too. I would remove Hollywood, due to his short career, maybe use DD Lewis because of his longevity and was a stable force for years.

    Right now, Woodsen over Roy, but that is still in the making.

    Pearson and Mike are about even.
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    What is it with the Henderson love? Guy got kicked off the team by Laundry for doing coke on the sidelines. Went to prison for sexual assault on two teenage girls. . . with a gun!

    Guy has turned his life around and I am happy for him. But, . . .

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