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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by BigDFan5, Jan 31, 2006.

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    Probably because he was the prototype linebacker... the dude RETURNED KICKOFFS. I mean... :bow:... his athletic ability was unparalleled at the time, and if you're forming a team, Hollywood at his best is going to be the best player you've got on defense.
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    He was a Great Player.

    He didn't get kicked off for doing coke on the sidelines...He got kicked off for mugging to the camera when the Cowboys were losing I believe to the Redskins.

    I love players who play great...I don't give rats azz what they do off the field.

    Just like Irvin...many people hate him because of the drugs and hookers...I personally don't care...He was a great player and I would take him back in his prime in a heartbeat.
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    Newhouse is one of my all time favs too. Dallas has had some tremendous FBs and RBs.
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    No problem here. Aikman as the backup (shudders) and Meredith playing the Drew Henson part. Can't imagine Meredith getting shipped off to play in NFL Europe.

    RB Emmitt Smith

    Yes, and we get to use Tony Dorsett as the 3rd down back. :bow:

    I take Moose here. He was a dominanting blocker. Just watched the 92 NFC Championship game against the Niners this past weekend for like the 100th time and Moose is dominating D-Linemen and punking out Romanowski all game long.

    Works for me.

    A real nice combination. In his best years, Irvin was great at getting seperation deep and was a bit like T.O. in their style of play. Pearson was an all around good WR and Hayes was arguably the greatest deep threat every (1 TD per 5.2 catches) and is probably one of the top 5 fastest people to have ever inhabited this earth.

    A bit before my time. I would've gone with Nate Newton who went to 6 Pro Bowls. Newtow was a pain though as every year he'd show up out of shape and slowly work his way back to form.

    Yep, probably the best O-Lineman I've seen in the past 20 years. He'll get snubbed in the HOF while somebody like Matt Light will get in. :bang2:

    A healthy and motivated Erik Williams would be my choice at OT.

    Too Tall was great and all of that, but I'd take Haley who made life miserable for offenses.

    It's amazing the lack of star MLB's this franchise has had. I thought Henderson was better and more effective. I like Dat, but there was too many times were he was a non-factor that was getting pushed around.

    With Roy and Charlie Waters as backups.


    Chris Boniol and Mike Saxon were easy picks here.


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    QB - Staubach (The Best Player in our history IMO)
    RB - Emmitt (All Time leading rusher)
    FB - Moose (Best blocking FB we ever had. Could catch the ball)
    OT - Erik Williams (Most dominating RT I ever saw)
    RG - Niland (Tom Landry said he was the best OG he ever coached)
    C - Fitzgerald (More versitile then Step IMO. Smarter and Tech. Equivalent)
    LG - Allen (Possibly top 5 OL all time. Best guard I've ever seen)
    OT - Wright (Should be HOFer. Landry called him the best OL he's ever had)
    WR - Irvin (Best all around WR our franchise has ever had)
    WR - Hayes (He changed the way the game was played)
    TE - Dupree (Best all around DE that played for any length of time for us)

    DE - Jones (Best pass rushing LDE we've ever had)
    DT - White (One of the very best 3 techniques ever)
    DT - Lilly (Mr. Cowboy. Strong enough to play 1 or 2, quick enough to play 3)
    DE - Martin (Superior to Haley in run game. Probably more sacks too)

    OLB - Howely (Do it all LB and play maker)
    OLB - Henderson (Close on longevity but he was just too talented)
    MLB - Jordan (Tough, smart and agressive. Had to be MLB in the flex)
    CB - Sanders (Again Longevity but again just too good)
    CB - Renfro (This was the best CB we've ever had)
    SS - Harris (very close between he and Woody but He was better IMO)
    FS - Green (5 Pro Bowls and 4 All Pros. Boards was the best FS IMO)

    KR - Reggie Swinton (He was the best if short lived IMO)
    PR - Deion (Discussion starts and stops here)
    K - Septian (It is what it is)
    P - White (Great punter and pretty decent QB)
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    Wasn't Bob Hayes a decent return man?
  7. joseephuss

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    I don't think Dorsett would be that good of a 3rd down back. He could run a good screen, but he wasn't much of a receiver. Emmitt was probably slightly better at it. Herschel Walker was a very good receiver out of the back field and could be lined up outside. I wouldn't really argue with Dorsett as the #1 or #2 back on the all time team. I just don't see him as the 3rd down specialist. It is great that the team has such good backs to even have an argument.

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    I would not be surprised if he was but I honestly can't say it with any personal knowledge. Of all the guys I've seen return, which goes back to around 70, Swinton was the best I've seen but I would be happy to make that change. Bob Hayes can not get enough respect IMO.
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    Hutchinson as our starting pitcher.
    Henson at third base.
    Sanders at outfield.
    Carter at shortstop.
    Fill in the rest.

    Back to the right sport. I think Woody goes in over Harris. And Novacek at TE.

    If I could take one unit from that squad it would be our line. We've probably have had one of the best all-time linemen in the league.
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    VERY nice:D
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    Nice roster! He's my all-time bust team:

    QB - Glenn Carano
    RB - Charles Young
    FB - Darryl Clack
    OT - Howard Richards
    RG - Crawford Ker
    C - Robert Shaw
    LG - Shane Hannah
    OT - Solly Page
    WR - Doug Donley
    WR - Mike Sherrard
    TE - Kendell Watkins

    DE - Larry Bethea
    DT - Kevin Brooks
    DT - Danny Noonan
    DE - Shante Carver

    OLB - Jeff Rohrer
    OLB - Mike Walter
    MLB - Billy Cannon
    CB - Rod Hill
    CB - Ron Francis
    SS - Aaron Mitchell
    FS - Victor Scott
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    Pozderac has to be the starter for the all bust team- world champion record holder for consecutive holding calls.

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    Oh, you got a lot of names missing here man.

    Off the top of my head, in no particular order:

    Kevin Brooks DE 1st Rd pick.
    Bill Thomas RB 1st Rd pick.
    Duane Thomas RB 1st Rd pick.
    Doug Donley 2nmd WR 2nd Rd pick.
    Kevin Pritchett DT 1st Rd pick.
    Dixon Edwards LB 2nd Rd pick.
    Kevin Williams WR 2nd Rd pick.
    Eb Ekuban DE 1st Rd pick.
    Dwayne Goodrich CB 2nd Rd pick.
    Soloman Page T 2nd Rd Pick.
    Quincy Carter QB 2nd Rd pick.
    Tony Dixon S 2nd Rd pick.
    Antonio Bryant WR 2nd Rd pick.
    Jacob Rogers T 2nd Rd pick.

    I'm sure there are lots more.
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    Whoa... now granted picking an RB for the Cowboys can certainly be subjective and a matter of preference, but Dorsett was a fine receiver.

    YRS   REC    YDS   AVG  TD
     12    398   3554   8.9   13 
    YRS   REC    YDS   AVG  TD
    15     515   3224   6.3   11
    YRS   REC    YDS   AVG  TD
    13     512   4859   9.5   21
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    He is an ok receiver. He was great at screens and that was the majority of his receptions. Ron Springs was better out of the backfield than Tony. Dorsett was a great back , but in the role of just 3rd down specialist, there are some better choices in Cowboys history. Just my very subjective opinion.
  17. trickblue

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    btw... Edwards was a LLB that played alongside Jordan in the middle... Howley was the RLB if I remember correctly...
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    Cosby or Dupree at TE....Witten hasn't been around long enough.

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    I agree Yeager. Eventually, I think it will be Witten but right here, today, I think it one of the others.
  20. trickblue

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    I would take Cosby if I chose between those two...

    I like Billy Joe Dupree... alot... but he dropped LOTS of passes as a Cowboy...

    Jay Saldi anyone? :D

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