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    17 Cowboys made the "All-Time Draft" conducted by Peter King and company for his MMQB site.

    For the 25-round draft, the mandate was that each team had to field an 11-man offense, 11-man defense, plus a kicker, punter and wild card player—either a special-teamer or another favorite of the drafter. (There was no requirement to draft a kick returner.) The 12 architects all had long pro football pedigrees:

    • Ernie Accorsi, former GM of the Colts, Browns and Giants.

    • Gil Brandt, father of modern football scouting. Has worked in NFL for the past 58 years.

    • Joel Bussert, for 40 years the NFL’s vice president of player personnel.

    • Dan Fouts, Hall of Fame quarterback, current Pro Football Hall of Fame voter.

    • Rick Gosselin, longtime pro football columnist, and king of the mock draft.

    • Joe Horrigan, Pro Football Hall of Fame executive vice president and chief archivist.

    • Peter King, 33-year pro football writer, editor-in-chief of The MMQB and Hall of Fame voter.

    • Bob McGinn, who just finished a 38-year run covering the Green Bay Packers.

    • Bill Polian, six-time Executive of the Year and a Pro Football Hall of Fame GM.

    • John Turney, editor of Pro Football Journal and respected football historian.

    • Ron Wolf, architect of three NFL playoff teams, and Pro Football Hall of Fame GM.

    • John Wooten, 10-year NFL guard, 23-year NFL scout, head of The Fritz Pollard Alliance.

    The draft order was determined by pulling the names out of a hat: 1 Bussert, 2 Wolf, 3Gosselin, 4 Fouts, 5 Turney, 6 Brandt, 7 McGinn, 8 Horrigan, 9 King, 10 Polian, 11 Wooten, 12Accorsi.

    After the 25 rounds were completed, there was a one-round head-coach draft, in reverse order. Accorsi selected first (he chose Vince Lombardi), followed by Wooten, Polian, King, etc.

    307 Tom Landry Coach Brandt
    Bob Lilly DT Wolf
    Mel Renfro CB Fouts
    Bob Hayes WR Wooten
    Rayfield Wright Brandt
    Roger Staubach QB Bussert
    Cliff Harris S Brandt
    Randy White DT Bussert
    Tony Dorsett Wolf
    Michael Irvin WR Gosselin
    Troy Aikman QB Brandt
    Emmitt Smith RB Horrigan
    Larry Allen G Turney
    Jason Witten King
    DeMarcus Ware LB McGinn
    Travis Frederick C Brandt
    Zack Martin G McGinn
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    Fouts took ray guy forth over all. No way would Jerry rice make it to pick 17 either.
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    Pretty much a joke...
    Sean Landeta... really?
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    Fouts was a total homer. He picked most of his teammates. :laugh:
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    No Tyron Smith?
    Geeze louis.
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    I don't find Tyron smith to be dominant. He has the tools to be dominant...but he gives up too many pressures or gets beat too much for me to consider him dominant. I think/hope that will change in the future. Larry Allen was dominant. That is the level I am hoping Tyron Smith reaches.
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    Read through most of it briefly.
    Interesting player selections.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    Another off season exercise designed to generate talk. Ranks up there with the Top 100 Players list.
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    Interesting fodder.
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    Different positions and different eras. Tyron Smith, when healthy, is a dominant left tackle.

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