All-Time HS rushing record goes down in flames

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Phoenix, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Five-star RB Henry sets career rushing mark
    Derrick Henry

    By FOX Sports NEXT staff

    Posted Nov 16, 2012

    Five-star running back Derrick Henry set the all-time career rushing record Friday, eclipsing the previous 59-year-old mark.

    Another week, another national high school record falls.
    Running back Derrick Henry broke the all-time record for rushing yards in a high school career Friday night on a dazzling touchdown run befitting of his stellar senior season.

    The Yulee High School (Fla.) star broke the previous mark on a 52-yard touchdown run with 11:15 remaining in the first half of Yulee's playoff game against Taylor County. The run brought him to 123 yards total in the game and 11,253 for his career.
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    Fifty-seven carries. Wow.
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    He looks like a young Marion Barber.
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    He's listed as an athlete on Rivals. 6'3" 245? Defense might be his calling at the next level
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    Not likely to remain a running back at the pro level and have a career longer than 6 years. If he does, he is one in a million. A few of those do [strike]make[/strike] succeed for more than five years in the NFL.
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    thought he was committed to play linebacker at Alabama?

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