All-Time Underrated Dallas Cowboys team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mmohican29, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Butch "California Quake" Johnson - 3 pages and no one has given him any love.. one of the reasons TD celebrations are now a thing of the past.
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    Timmy Newsome and Doug Dennison
    Golden Richards
    I remember Dave Stalls, Pat Toomay and Bill Gregory played great D-line in the 70's what depth we had.
    Doug Cosbie was good TE for the 80s teams
    Jean Fugett LOL TE
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    whoever said Brock Marion was a great call, he was a great partner alongside Woody, just great. His play allowed Woody to go do what he did.
  4. mrmojo

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    Toni Fritcsh
    Efren Herrera
    Marv Bateman
    Danny White
    Rafael Septien
  5. RatisBeast

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    Terry Glenn
    Brock Marion
    George Teague
    Terrence Newman
    Greg Ellis
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  7. RonSpringsdaman20

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    can we get rocket on this list?
    & james washington :)
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    ST Bill Bates
  9. Hostile

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    I can't put people I hate on under rated lists.
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  11. Captain Late

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    So many players over the years that come to mind,here are the ones I would put in this list:

    Jethro Pugh DT-played 14 years,was a key reason the DL was so dominant during his career.Bob Lilly always gave credit to Pugh for his success.

    Darren Woodson SS-truly a great every down football player,be it stopping the run,covering receivers,playing special teams or being a leader on defense,he did it all

    Cornell Green CB/SS-not many defensive backs played as well as long as Green,he was at his best in the mid to late 1960's,a durable productive player

    Don Perkins RB-for 7 of his 8 years he led the team in rushing and was a consistent player,early in his career he played behind a weak OL and had big years,late in his career his production still remained excellent

    John Fitzgerald C-took over early in his career from Dave Manders and was a solid force on the OL,he made the transition to the Shotgun with ease and rarely made mistakes

    Benny Barnes CB/S-before Bill Bates,he was the special teams ace,always great at covering punts and was a solid player in the secondary for a long time

    Robert Newhouse RB-good runner and blocker for years,not flashy but got the job done.Late in his career went out and covered kicks on Special Teams and never complained

    Larry Cole DE/DT-always seemed to play well in big games and had a long career,just as good a DT as he was a DE

    Dave Edwards LB-played 13 years,excellent run stopper and good at neutralizing TE's,was the unsung member of that great LB unit in the 60's and early 70's

    James Washington S-hard hitting player who had big playoff games for the great early 90's Cowboys teams,he was a good plan B pick-up who helped the secondary blossom into a terrific unit

    There are countless others I am sure,good lists in this thread!
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    As underrated with regards to not ROH or HOf considerations-hands down Darren Woodson. Buts its early
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    I would add Mike Renfro to the list. He was more or less responsible for instant replay for what the refs gave the stealers.

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    So many. Want to just throw a few names out though that I have not seen.

    Maybe the greatest long snapper EVER - Dale Hellestrae! He never gets the love.

    And also Chad Hennings.
  15. Phoenix

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    What a tremendous line that was. It was actually dubbed the "Four Irishmen and a Scott". They were just awesome. LOVED watching them pave the way for TD!

    ( from )

    "During his time with the Cowboys, center John Fitzgerald nicknamed the Cowboys offensive line as the "Four Irishmen and a Scott", when it was formed by Fitzgerald, Scott, Jim Cooper, Tom Rafferty and Pat Donvan. That group helped paved the way for Tony Dorsett's Hall of Fame rushing career."
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    Add Herb Scott to that list and its solid.

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