All you that want Joe D gone might get your wish

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RS12, Dec 29, 2012.

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    NFC Whispers
    DeCamillis an NFL head-coaching candidate
    Posted Dec. 29, 2012 @ 10:27 a.m. ET
    By PFW staff
    Here are the latest Whispers we're hearing from our sources throughout the NFC:
    • Cowboys special-teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis is receiving attention for soon-to-be vacant head-coaching positions. For years, he has been regarded as a future head coach, whether on the college or pro level, and this could be his first serious crack at getting interviews.
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  3. RS12

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    Ever notice he is always lookin over Red's shoulder and in his ear.
  4. Supercowboy1986

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    Is this a joke? In all seriousness who would want him?
  5. punchnjudy

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    He's headed to Philly. They're looking for a tough head coach to replace the softer Reid, and he's right up their alley.

    (I never actually read "The Secret," but from what I've heard I think that's supposed to make it happen.) :)
  6. FiveRings

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    Even with it being Joe D which is humorous enough, how often do you see a ST coach make the jump directly to HC? I don't know how much I buy this
  7. RS12

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    John Harbaugh.
  8. locked&loaded

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    How many bonehead plays have we made on ST?

    I was under the impression we were only keeping the guy because we felt guilty for the rod in his back.
  9. ddh33

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    The guy has an impeccable reputation. I know he is very highly thought of, and with the success of Jim Harbaugh and other no-nonsense types, I could easily imagine him moving on.
  10. TheCoolFan

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    :laugh2: If Joe D gets a HC job then Mike Zimmer must really be blacklisted
  11. AbeBeta

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    ST is widely regarded as tough to coach. You have some core guys but the units change constantly and are filled with bottom of the roster players.

    I doubt Joe is getting HC interviews in the NFL. But college is very likely
  12. Blue Eyed Devil

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    You know, it wouldn't surprise me if Valley Ranch was behind this "leak". The only way Jerry is going to be able to get rid of this guy is if he gets hired away, right?
  13. jbravo316

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    Hope he goes anywhere.
  14. locked&loaded

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    maybe... but anyone that has played football knows almost all you need to know about special teams.

    Lets be honest, special teams dont change that much. its the same thing over and over.
  15. nake

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    I think our special teams have been better since we purged the players from the special teams draft in 2009.
  16. slomoxn

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    This board sometimes amazes me... I don't pay attention to coaches and all I know about them is what I read from the members on here. I became excited about Joe D coming here based on how many of the members here were saying good things about him. Well, here we are a few years later with a team that has underachieved on several fronts several times and everone is now no longer enamored with the special teams coach.

    I understand that special teams can make a difference in a game but my issue is that the people on here will turn on a person associated with the Cowboys organization like a pack of rabid Dobermans if they don't live up to their expectations. Funny, I have seen this team fail on ALL teams and some say its the coaching and some say its the players. I don't know which one it is but it seems since some of the players have been released this team is finding an identity, a small one but it is a beginning.

    I don't know who Dallas will get to replace him or whoever else they let go of or who just moves on but until this team learns how to win it doesn't matter who coaches because it will always be the same result.
  17. pavalley

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    until they learn how to win ? have u watched the last 6 games ?
  18. cowboyschmps3

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  19. Bigdog

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    you beat me to it. He was special teams coach before he got the HC with the Ravens. What about the Falcons HC? Wasn't he special teams coach that an HC position?
  20. Illini88228

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    I have never seen a popular special teams coach. Special teams players just aren't as good as offensive and defensive players. This causes fans to be perpetually disappointed in special teams units.

    But, no one likes it when the team persues players just for special teams, so that leaves no one to blame but the coach. That includes Avezzano. Sometimes people get nostalgic for a certain coach later, but it's just that, nostalgia.

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