All22Breakdown: Interview With Drew Pearson

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    JORDAN ROSS: Speaking of Miles being gone, do you think Dez is ready to step up and become the veteran leader among the wide receivers on this team?

    DREW PEARSON: Yeah he’s ready. He’s ready to go. He’s been ready. He’s just got to be able to have the same emotions at the end of the game that he brings to the beginning of the game. Sometimes he has a tendency to wain throughout the game. As a receiver, that tends to happen because you want at least one ball thrown to you in every series. And if it doesn’t come 3 or 4 series in a row, you have a tendency to lose a little of that mental and emotional edge. If he wants to be ‘the guy’ he needs to be mentally and emotionally ready to play all 4 quarters.

    JORDAN ROSS: When Dez gets upset and screams on the sideline, I feel like a lot of fans mistake that for selfishness when it’s really just Dez showing his passion for the game.

    DREW PEARSON: Yeah, that’s all it is. And as long as he shows his passion in a constructive way, he’ll be okay. But when that passion becomes an “I” thing instead of an “us” thing, then you’ve got a problem. With Dez though, I think he’s just like Michael Irvin. Michael would do his little rants on the sideline, and so would I. Of course I had to be a little more in control because Tom Landry didn’t play that. With him watching, you couldn’t be yelling at Roger Staubach, so I had to suppress a lot my emotions. I think Dez and Michael are a lot a like as players. Michael brought a different style than mine, and Dez’s style is pretty much the same as Michael’s. Regardless of what your style is, when you wear #88 you’ve got to be extremely productive, and that’s what Dez is going to be.

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    Another good one - keep it up, man.
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    Great interview for your site ND! Agree with DP about Dez's emotion becoming a draining force if he isn't involved early. That should be a constructive objective of the offense to get into a rhythm every week. When Dez becomes involved early, the O seems to click @ a more consistent pace as opposed to the sporadic big play/3rd down conversion. Nothing crazy, just a crossing pattern or a simple drag/slant to open up things for Murray and the other receivers. Kind've a statement for the rest of the game!
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    Nice job man. Thanks.
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    Should have asked him if he still thought Dez wasn't living up to the 88 and whether or not he felt people were still anointing him. And whether or not he still feels Dez hasn't done anything.
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    Again, you're not a journalist for a reason. You would get run out of the building like Calvin Watkins.
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    I'm not a journalist because I have other things to do. That being said, I can still recognize what is or isn't journalism, and this isn't journalism.
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    I think it's important to see the change in Drew's perception of Dez. I suspect most of that is real change and that's big.
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    No. If you could, you would understand that a "good interview" is not equivalent to "hey let me see how many dick-like questions I can ask in a 5 minute span to piss off my interviewee."
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    It's not about being a jerk, it's about asking questions that are of actual relevance.

    Drew Pearson himself is not terribly relevant at this point, yet he tried to make himself more relevant through trashing Dez Bryant. Dez Bryant has proven Pearson's criticism unwarranted, and thus it begs for follow up as to what he thinks of Dez now as compared to before.
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    LIke that line about Coach Tom.

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