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    Can anyone tell me anything about Allen Texas? I have been presented with an opportunity that would benefit me in moving my family and Texas is one of the places I'm considering. I have some family in Dallas and they recommend Allen.

    I'm just looking for some other opinions on the area.

    Also, I would be silly not to ask how much of a trip to Cowboys Stadium is it from there.:D
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    I live about 10 minutes south from Allen, but have friends that live in the city so I regularly visit. The city has been growing for a few years now but recently has boomed in population. Allen has a great mixture of the hometown feel, as well as being neighbors to a huge commercial city in Plano. Allen is well known for its one and only high school who are now constructing $60 million football stadium. It contains a very nice, upscale outdoor mall in Watters Creek. Has an outlet mall just north of Allen. The city is divided in half by I-75, so its easily accessible to travel south 25 minutes to Dallas. The neighborhood are well-kept, safe, and generally affordable. A little bit more expensive in the Twin Creeks neighborhood. Overall, I would really recommend looking into the city a little more. Hope that helped.

    Edit: and... about a 40-50 minute drive to Cowboys Stadium via George Bush Tollway.
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    It's virtually all transplants-you would fit right in, good luck!
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    Allen is a nice city. If you start in Dallas and head north on 75, you'll run right into it eventually. It sits between two other nice cities: Plano and McKinney.

    As far as distance to Cowboys stadium? Without traffic, it'll be around 45 minutes. If there's traffic, which is likely, you're probably talking over an hour.
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    I think maksurama.....lives in allen.

    From what I know it is nice. To be honest, I have been here 8 years and unless you are buying a million dollar home every area seems to be exactly the same.

    Its just one giant suburban landscape here. Its a nice place to have a family.

    from allen to the stadium probably is an hour or so.

    but again, if you live in this area pretty much everything is about 30 minutes or so away!
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    Allen is nice, but WAY too far from D/FW. That'd be an hour drive to the stadium. You'd be limited to hanging out in Allen and Plano, unless you don't mind driving 45 minutes to and from Dallas. I'd say live in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area. It's nice, close to Dallas and Ft. Worth, and you can take Industrial straight to the stadium with no traffic (10 minutes).
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    just for some comic relief...

    there is an article in the new orleans times picayune about payton leaving new orleans for Dallas.

    the writer describes DFW as a soulless stretch of concrete and strip malls.

    pretty funny and basically spot on. But I still like it here!
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    Apparently Sean Payton does too! :laugh2:
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    When my dad was living in Plano and I went to visit him (20 years ago or so), I thought it was a little confusing because there seemed to be a 7-eleven and a Blockbuster every few blocks. The whole place looked the same to me. Nice, but very cookie cutter.
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    theebs has it all correct. I remember living in Burleson and thinking Burleson sure seems like Euless and Euless sure looks like Hurst and so on and so on.

    I love the DFW area. I worked construction there for about 2 years and got to see most of it. All of the towns seem to be the same.

    Great family towns.
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    I went to a track meet there in highschool and I recall it being a really nice town.

    Their football fields are amazing.

    Im pretty sure their Jr High has a turf field.
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    I lived in Dallas for 36 years and always thought of Allen as a nice suburban area away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas city life. If your a heavy weather freak, you'll love the intensity of the spring time weather in North Texas.
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    Spot on if you are describing suburbia Dallas, but not actual Dallas; Uptown, Deep Ellum, Lakewood, Park Cities, M Streets, Oak lawn, Oak Cliff.....etc, etc. They each have their own character and, like in N.O., the individual can decide if they like it.

    I've live in both Dallas and New Orleans (not the burbs of either one) for a long time and have enjoyed both places.
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    I really want to move to Frisco one day.

    I really like the DFW area.
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    frisco tx? why
  16. Dallas

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    I said the same thing to myself when I read it. :D

    Frisco = Cleburne
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    Frisco is awesome. Especially if you like Home Depot stores. Got one on every corner. :D
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    or ikea, or pro soccer or the frisco roughriders...(Rangers AA Team)

    ikea is awesome though!!
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    I lived in Allen about 2 years ago before I got my house a little ways down the the highway in Murphy. Allen was okay but I really didn't like it that much but that had more to do with the fact that I missed living in Irving, which was a lot more D/FW-centric.

    Allen is a really nice place to live. It has a pretty strong school system, football is king and there are tons of places to shop. Also, it is just north of Plano, so you have tons of parks and trails (Plano is known for its trail system) to go to as well.

    The only real downside is that traffic is a beast. You have to pick your poison with either Highway 121 or Highway 75. Also, they don't have public transportation, so if you want to take the train into Dallas, you will have to do it in Plano or another city. So if you have to commute to Dallas (or Gawd forbid Fort Worth, like I am currently doing), then be prepared for mornings and evenings in traffic.

    When I was looking for a house a few years ago, it came down to a house in Allen and the house I eventually got in Murphy.

    Also, they have really built up the area off of 75 and Stacy road. They have had the Allen Premium Outlet out there for years but now they have all kinds of stores and restaurants on the east side of Stacy and 75.

    Also, you might hit up City Data's forums for more information about Allen.

    Hope this helps.
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    You must not have lived in Souf Irving, eh?

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