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Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by CowboysLaw87, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Well, I'm CowboysLaw87. New to this board, but only from a posting standpoint. I've enjoyed reading the news/opinions of the board's members for quite a while. As for my "Cowboys resume" and what I feel like I can add to the discussion... I'm a young man (turning 25 April 1st), but I am and always have been a freak fan. I believe my knowledge/passion for the team dating back to about 1996 is tough to match. One of my biggest passions/specialties as a fan is the NFL Draft. I've attended 5 of them, and am completely obsessed with learning about the prospects and also welcome a great draft debate.

    I'm wrapping up my law degree in May, so I like to think of myself as capable of forming articulate/logical arguments and discussion points. Always emotional about my 'boys but always respectful towards fellow fans as well. Looking forward to a lot of fun on here and I'll jump right in on some topics now!
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    :welcome: :welcome:
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    You wouldn't happen to actually be some 50something NFL GM posing as a 25yr old law student?????;)
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    Ahhh you got me, darn. :laugh2:
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    :welcome: cowboyslaw!

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    We look forward to hearing your opinion on the Cowboys and other topics.

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