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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dallascowboysfan31, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. dallascowboysfan31

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    henson v. romo

    romo played considerably better than henson we can all agree.

    but what if romo's dumb throw up the middle had been picked instead of dropped?

    i think the competition goes on and bill doesn't name the 2nd until a day before week 1.
  2. Cbz40

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    I think they both made a couple of dumb plays..........The Fat Lady has not sang yet.

    They both need alot of work.
  3. SultanOfSix

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    Romo looks more comfortable with the offense. I didn't see a lot of downfield passes from Henson except the one to Witten that was picked off. I don't know if this was the play calling or not because I'm not part of the coaching staff. There were quite a few drops from Henson including one by QM that would have been a first down and kept a scoring drive alive. But he definitely doesn't look as comfortable as Romo. That will change as the season goes along. He's essentially a rookie who needs to get used to the speed of the game.
  4. BlueWave

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    I didn't think Romo played as good tonight as he did last week. Henson had a few passes dropped and a bad snap. In Romo's defense, he didn't get to throw much.
  5. dstew60105

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    Not impressed with either. Everyone is bashing Henson, while Romo looked like hell.
  6. dallascowboysfan31

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    is it maybe that bp doesn't want to show the bread and butter plays against the 2 teams that we play during the regular season?(cards, hawks). and maybe we'll see more of it the next 2 games, meaning better looks, routes, and management for romo and henson?
  7. thssanders

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    Seems like romo has a nice zip on his passes. Didn't see this from henson, but it seemed like henson also didn't have as much protection.

    From what i saw, romo looked better, although not nearly enough plays to fully evaluate them.
  8. The Duke

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    I call it even tonight. Both had and should've had a pick.

    Also, Romo was late on a throw but interference, low to Polite 8 yard flat route. Henson high on a slot reciever's 10 yard out, and I think there was another.

    Henson threw a 10 yard hook, does that count as downfield...maybe not.

    How come Romo gets the play action plays and Henson none?

    Henson had more pressure on his plays too. Nice escape then dump over the middle.

    Madden was spouting off the same stuff as Babe Laufenberg. I got a hundred bucks Madden and Michaels get the scoop by local guys and repeat it on the air.

    I for one would take both over Seattle's back-ups even Seneca Vick.
  9. lspain1

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    I disagree on this being even tonight. I thought Romo did a better job with what he had. He wasn't perfect, but I thought he looked better than Henson.
  10. Muhast

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    Henson almost threw a INT on that short out to Merritt, Had Merritt not jumped to get a hand on it, Tucker, a former cowboy, would surely have picked that.
  11. Sitting Bull

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    My thoughts:

    Henson: C-
    Threw a bad pick deep into a cover 2 when there appeared to be an open receiver crossing right in front of him; threw the sideline pass that should've been picked and had a few other bad passes. Once again, however, the line was shaky for him and we had no running game on his first two drives. He moved the team into the red zone twice, got hosed by a Morgan drop that would've been first & goal and threw a couple of nice passes after his pick, which was nice to see. It also helped that the running game finally came around on his last drive. Henson looks much better in shotgun, as it eliminates his annoying, half-second hitch on the center exchange.

    Romo: C-
    Madden and Michaels way overplayed the "Romo looks more comfortable" angle, IMO. Romo's first pass to Crayton was a beauty, but it was also his best of the night. His velocity looked better on some passes, but that third-down, lollipopped, throw away into the middle of the field (inexplicably dropped by the Seahawk defender) was perhaps the worst pass of the game. He had little to work with but made a few plays, none of them particularly impressive.

    Bledsoe: C-
    Nice TD drive but should've done more with two short fields and the first-team O; Seattle dropped an easy pick on his watch, also

    Bottomline, all our QB's look shaky to me. Bledsoe's last drive was nice, but it is becoming very clear that our offense goes as our running game goes. Period. Unlike Henson or Romo, I expect Bledsoe to make a few long plays with his arm and I'm just not seeing it. Pretty scary...
  12. HeHateMe

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    I love Henson and want him to succeed badly, but it seems as if this season it wont happen.

    Romo is pretty far ahead of him right now and its going to take a serious dropoff from Romo or some really serious improvement from Henson for him to become the #2 this.
  13. VirusX

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    I think henson needs more time he isnt comfortable yet give him another season with these new mechanics and he should be ready to take his shot... He has improved but he is trying to handle to much and I dont think his new mechanics are " Natural " to him yet. He also needs to work on his first step its a slight bit delayed and he needs to look off DB's that will come with comfort and playing time.
  14. HeHateMe

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    One more year with the clipboard can do nothing but help him.

    We signed him to a long term contract for a reason.

    Lets give him some time.

    2006 will be his show me something year.
  15. thssanders

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    Yeah, he got lucky on that one. Thought for sure it would be a pick, but merritt got a finger on it to deflect it.
  16. Erik_H

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    Well, if he does end up playing 30% of the snaps this year, his long term contract voids to a much shorter one.

    no 30%=under contract for 6 more years.
    yes 30%=under contract for 2 more years.

    With the same guaranteed money btw.
  17. Teague31

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    Did you see the QB rating stat they put up on Romo and Henson- Romo was like 102 and Henson was 37- enough said.

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