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    This is an alternate to a mock draft. It is basically a test of your Cowboys Draft board.

    At each pick, you have to either take the player listed or trade down to any spot that you want and get something around chart value in return.

    I used the McShay/Kiper averaged list made by robert70x7.

    All players above your current pick were taken where listed (i.e. if you're at #3, then Jones and Lotulelei were taken at #1 and #2.

    Yes = Make the pick
    Trade down = Pass on the pick

    1. Jarvis Jones
    Trade down. He is a great pass rusher, but trading down even 1 spot here gets me another 2nd round pick. I don't see Jones as a Spencer replacement on the Strong Side due to limited size. There are other good pass rushers available.

    2. Star Lotulelei
    Yes, but with some reluctance. He is a very good player, but he might be a little overrated by the media. The reports of him dominating Khalad Holmes were vastly exaggerated by the media and announcers. See my play-by-play of him against Khalad Holmes:

    3. Manti Te'o
    Trade down. Bruce Carter is not moving to OLB.

    4. Damontre Moore
    Trade down, but with reluctance. Experience at both 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB. Is he drastically better than the other outside pass rusher remaining on the board?

    5. Chance Warmack
    Trade down. I would not take a Guard in the top 10.

    6. Luke Joeckel
    Trade down, but very tempting to make this pick.

    7. Bjoern Werner
    Trade down. Difficult decision. He has an excellent 1st step. Coverage might be an issue as a 3-4 OLB. Other pass rushers still on the board.

    8. Johnathan Hankins
    Trade down.

    9. Barkevious Mingo
    Yes. Montgomery would make more sense as a Spencer replacement, but Mingo’s elite 1st step is difficult to pass up at this spot.

    10. Geno Smith
    Yes. I don’t really want to take a QB, but you don’t get a chance to take the top rated guy very often.

    11. Dee Milliner
    Trade down.

    12. Sylvester Williams
    Trade down. Tempting again. He is a decent pass rusher. He could play some 3-4 DE, but is shorter than preferred at that position.

    13. Matt Barkley
    Trade down. Just not that impressed.

    14. Johnathan Jenkins
    Trade down. This is based on the players still available.

    15. Sam Montgomery
    Yes. Could be the perfect replacement for Spencer.

    16. Jonathan Cooper
    Yes. It would be crazy to pick an OG this high, but this player is the perfect fit for Callahan’s ZBS in Dallas, IMO. He can also play Center which improves his stock.

    17. Cornelius Carradine
    Trade down. Would consider in late 1st or early 2nd.

    18. Sheldon Richardson
    Yes, if his character checks out. He is very quick and strong, although a little short as a 5-technique.

    19. Dion Jordan
    Trade down. Ouch, his upside is very high, but he has a very thin build which I view as risky. At this point both Dallas Thomas and Corey Lemonier are available.

    20. Taylor Lewan
    Trade down.

    21. Alec Ogletree
    Trade down.

    22. Justin Hunter
    Trade Down.

    23. Corey Lemonier
    Trade down. It’s Dallas Thomas or bust.

    24. Shariff Floyd
    Trade down.

    25. Eric Fisher
    Trade down.

    26. Keenan Allen
    Trade down.

    27. Kenny Vacarro
    Trade down. Is he really the top rated safety?
    Dallas Thomas
    Yes. I could wait for Barrett Jones, but Thomas is much quicker and has a much higher upside, IMO. I’m taking him here as an OG, but I’m not convinced that he can’t play OT in the NFL.

    28. Jake Matthews
    Yes. He could probably play OG also.

    29. Robert Woods
    Trade down.

    30. Terrance Williams
    Trade down.

    31. Zach Ertz
    Trade down.

    32. Kawaan Short
    Trade down. Could be good value here based on talent, but this is not a high motor player.

    33. Johnathan Banks
    Trade down. Could be a bargain for someone here, but his speed is questionable.

    34. Bennie Logan
    Trade Down.
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    Food for thought, Melly Mel said on the radio today that Luke Joeckel could end up going 1st overall.
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    Rams desperate for O Line help if they want Joeckel have the picks to make it happen. Interesting the three Aggies and Cooper and Warmack are at the top of my list also. Couldnt go wrong with any of the five but an extra two would be enticing.
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    Gotta be Elam.

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