Am I the only one NOT worried about the OL 2 months later?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcstands4, Aug 27, 2013.

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    I have to say with Carr, claiborne scandrick along with Church and Allen I think this secondary will do fine. I was listening to a conversation on the tampa 2 and one thing that was stressed is they will make sure of not giving up the big pass play they will force teams to go 10 or 12 plays to put the ball in the endzone but the mindset is we will create the turnovers over the course of the 10 to 12 play drive.
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    O line is still a weak point - why pat yourself on the back until it is shown otherwise in REAL games. Kind of thread that is a 'look at me' thing
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    The o-line is a major concern. That right side of Free and Parnell will be targets of defensive coordinators, especially early. And who knows what will happen at LG? More broken ribs for Romo this year would not be a surprise to me.

    Next up is special teams. They have not looked good so far. Hopefully it will get better when the final 53 are announced and more starters are on the coverage teams.

    I love the players at the skill positions on offense and I'm hopeful of an improved defense overall, especially in creating turnovers. But o-line and special teams are the Cowboys achilles heel right now.
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    ST is another one that'll get you beat a lot faster than weak OG play. I forgot about that one, and you're right, it's a concern until we see it play a lot better than it has so far in preseason. That said, the players we have on STs in week one will be dramatically different from the players we've fielded in PS so far, so there's a lot more variation in that projection than there is at OL or S.
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    I have to agree that the OL situation is not good at this point of the season. I laughed when I read Jerry's comments that they were planning on Free moving to guard all along. I kinda feel sorry for Free. He got moved from LT to RT, and did poorly, so he got his salary cut. He busts his backside to learn the nuances of that position, only to get moved to RG. I suppose they will cut his salary again next year for lackluster performance at a position he has never played before.
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    This line has proven nothing. The running game has looked overmatched all preseason and Tony has been sacked multiple times.
  7. AmberBeer

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    You should be worried about the offensive line. Very worried. A rookie starting at arguably the most important position on the line and a 2nd year FA who's never played. That to go along with an overpaid guard (Bernadeau), a RT who was forced to take a pay cut because of poor play and a LT who hasn't lived up to his 1st round status. If, and its a big IF, the line can stay healthy then we should be ok once Frederich and Leary get their feet under them a bit.
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    obviously the staff is worried about the oline or we would'nt have been trying to drag a couple of guards out of retirement. i think the oline will be better than last year, atleeast they appear to be better in pass protection but there are still concerns. as a fan we see them but more importantly the coaches see them. but at this point you have who you have and you just have to figure out a way to make it work.
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    I have yet to see one set group of starters on our oline which tells me this team has too many injuries on the oline (something that plagued them last year) and that the team are not satisfied with some of the backup players taking the role of starters.

    So they have had to shuffle and shuffle the offensive line and we still have a number on the Oline that are injured.

    Until we get a set group of starters for a decent time that can prove to do well in a REGULAR season game where opposing teams defenses are not going vanilla...if we are not worried than we should hold off on high expectations because at this time it is pretty much unknown how this group will do or even who will eventually wind up spending the majority of the time as starters and at which positions.
  10. dmq

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    I knew rebuilding the line was a priority a few years ago. I also knew it wouldn't get accomplished in a season. I think we are closer, but still a year away. Even as it is, we are better than last year and are good enough to win if we can stay healthy.
  11. ufcrules1

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    (-------------Massively worried about our Oline.
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    I'm more worried about special teams.
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    I think the oline is gonna be much better in protecting Romo and givining him time to throw but I'm still concerned about our run blocking, that I have to see. But, with Romo getting more time to throw, that alone in my eyes will allow this offense to be explosive cause our weapons are outstanding but Romo needs time and this oline will give it to him.
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    at the end of the day we were an 8-8 team last year... we got killed by bad offensive line play,special teams, penalties and injuries. Still Dallas was in line to win 3 or 4 of those games that they lost. Our special teams will be better and finally with some good coaching the penalties shouldn't be as big a factor. I don't have a crystal ball but I can't imagine losing that many guys to injuries again and even if we did, there is more depth on this team. Also this is just my opinion this offensive line may not be great,but its a heck of a lot better than what we have put out there the last 2 or 3 years. So i think everyone should stop with the negativity, this is a team that wasn't that far away and they are improved. I think it's time to have a little faith and give them the benifit of the doubt, we have a good football team this year that will contend for a championship and as fans i think thats all we can ask for
  16. BlindFaith

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    There are countless posts describing what was happening with the oline last year. How many times do you want to hear it? The guys who's opinions I respect the most have stated it very clearly, as have I.

    Last year = New scheme, Free and Smith flipping spots, no continuity early on due to injuries 4th string at best CENTER. The bolded part being very, very important. And those who understand what to look for saw a much improved line the second half of the season. We didn't loose games because of the line. See defense and turnovers. I'm pretty sure there are a ton of posts about that as well.

    This year = Pre Season. Nothing more should have to be said, because well, its pre season and every year we panic about what is or isn't happening during the 4 mostly meaningless games. Our line will be fine.
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    I wouldn’t say’s more like horrified.
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    did you really post that?

    because if so you need to rewatch the last couple of games
  19. BlindFaith

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    Nah, I'm good.
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    I don't know how decent preseason play hasn't helped swing your attitude in a positive direction

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