Am I the only one NOT worried about the OL?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcstands4, Jun 25, 2013.

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    I think we are going to have a better line then we did last year. And if everyone remembers correctly the one game we ran the ball well was with Costa (who is a good run blocker just bad at everything else) at center in Baltimore. So Fredrick is a really big addition at Center. Leary will be the starting right guard in my opinion he is very talented. His health is questionable but I think when he plays that's a really big upgrade. Livings will have to be the starting left guard and he is serviceable. His health is also questionable at times. With Costa,Arkin and Berny to add some depth at G/C. Free and Parnell played well the last 5 games of the year so I expect them to continue to platoon snaps and that also was not that bad. I wish we could sign Eric Winston at RT who's still a free agent that would make me feel pretty good about this line but as it is now i feel like its better than what we have had but definitely not a "great" line by any stretch.
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    This is the kind of stuff that gets posted so often and looks to me like overreaction. Livings started on an AFC playoff team. Frederick could start at more than one position for a contending team. Costa, Free, Parnell, and Leary would all have a shot, depending on the contender.

    While I agree with your overall sentiment re: the line and the fact that we're full of question marks, it's not as bad as everyone wants to believe it is. This line should not be used as an excuse for this team not winning this season, in my opinion.

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    I am concerned with Romo getting driven into the ground due to "turnstyle" OL (Ole') play!
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    the eternal response of someone owned in a thread


    COME ON.

    Or have you finally figured out just how bad you look?
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    coming from another polyanna on the O line that is no surprise
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    One of my many worries for the team.
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    You say that, but this is an overreaction on your part, too.

    My post-history re: the OL problems is pretty clear. You can search it. I've said many, many times we had significant issues at C last season, and at RT. We addressed the former, and not the later. And I've said that OG play doesn't concern me because you can get by with adequate OGs if you coach them properly and have similarly adequate depth. Saying 'ok is good enough' at some of these positions hardly makes me a pollyanna. That's not what 'pollyana' means.
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    No! I'm worried about it too.
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    Does anyone know if Dallas have the cap flexibility to make a signing during camp or during the preseason? There is still a pretty good RT out there in Eric Winston. Can we sign him for 1 or 2 million for 1 year? Cuz if we could do that then he would sure up the RT spot and possibly move Free to RG/LG like I read Callahan wanted to do with him during the offseason. Free may actually be better suited to play RG in this scheme with his skill set but wether we sign Winston or not moving Free to guard may be the best thing we could do for this line and Free's career kind of like when Dallas moved Leonard Davis who was struggling as a tackle at times to guard where he played the best football of his career, Then Parnell could play RT where he showed some promise especially the last 5 games of the year which would allow Dallas to play Ronald Leary to LG with Living,Berny,Arkin and Costa as backup interior linemen that line is good talent-wise plus has some depth.
    Smith-Leary-Fredricks-Free-Winston is actually probably an above average NFL offensive line if we can put that product out on the field I would be really optimistic about this offense.

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    We sure are pinning a lot of hopes on a guy who was picked a round or two early. I hope he pans out, but he still hasn't beat out Costa, so let's wait and see.
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    No. Jerry Jones is also not concerned about the line.
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    Not worried at all, hope they change everybody else's mind once the season comes.
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    I have not seen anything about Callahan wanting to move Free to OG. I did see many fan posts about it, however.
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    And rightfully so, just like he was spot on with Quincy Carter being a franchise QB!
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    I wouldn't say I'm not worried, but I'm optimistic. Every player in the projected O-Line has shown flashes, whether it be last season or in college that they can be dominant. With some good coaching, cohesiveness and a particular five guys hitting their stride at the same time, we can have a GOOD O-Line on our hands.
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    Not worried.

    Not over the entire line.

    Rock solid on the LT.
    OK with the LG.
    OK with the center.
    ? about the RG.
    Sorta between ? and OK with the RT.

    Kinda like the depth at G/C and I think whoever is the swing tackle will be more than acceptable.
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    I never seen someone who MISSED the obvious the quote I said which is in the first gotddamn sentence, so bad in my life and use owned just because they saw it in a meme I'm surprised you didn't spell it with a "3" or a "p" to show us how "cool" you are. I didn't say we needed pro bowlers at every position my exaggeration statement was that most of yall act like we need HOF'ers at every position. #directquote I typed it FOR you and you still got it wrong, anyone that does that is clearly not needed as a relevant source in any convo.
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    ^^^THIS...the guards are damn near the stepchildren of the OL and the right side is normally where you can hide your flaws (depending you don't have a left handed QB) If your gonna know on pass plays the heat is coming it better to know its NOT coming from your blind side.
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