Am I the only one who is sick of Cover 2?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sk0aL, Dec 25, 2006.

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    Week in and week out we keep playing a cover 2 look on defense and get abused because of it.

    If you run cover-2 you have to have a front seven that can create some pressure and have quick safeties than can react quickly to receivers being released by the cornerbacks and linebackers. We have neither.

    If you can't pressure the QB and run a cover-2 scheme you are going to leave your safeties ON AN ISLAND every single time.

    On the very first Philly drive LJ Smith was released by the LB and of course Roy didn't pick it up and LJ was wide open over the middle for a TD. Look at the Eagles drive after Barber was stuffed on the 1 yard line 3 times in a row. On the very first play Newman released Stallworth, Watkins bit hard on the double fake and the pass was completed for 39 yards with Stallworth wide open over the middle of the field.

    Teams have abused our cover-2 schemes all year. Jacksonville did it, New York did it to us twice, lowly Washington did it, and the Saints did it to the point of embarassment.

    Why we even run a cover-2 with a 3-4 defense is beyond me. We shouldn't have to rely on our cornerbacks to help cover the flat and intermediate passes. We'll get into a 3rd and 7, show an obvious blitz that generates no pressure whatsoever and negates the total point of the 3-4 scheme, and whoever is QB has all day to pick apart the middle of the field. We give up so many big pass plays because we leave our secondary on an island. In order to run a good cover-2 you have to have fast defensive backs. Did you see Henry run today after he got that pick? He looks like he runs a 5.5 forty.

    A good defense always starts at the line of scrimmage and getting penetration, but to me the cover-2 is a big reason our defense has looked so pitiful week after week.
  2. DallasDW00ds0n

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    even Greg Williams said offenses this year have exposed the Cover 2
  3. tnbk

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    Please email this to zimmer and parcells.
  4. MarkBrunell

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    hahahaha are you serious? The Redskins have been playing the cover 2 on EVERY DOWN this season. You have not witnessed BAD defense. It takes guts to watch the Skins play every Sunday, its downright painful when the defense is on the field. Every play you hang by the seat hoping that the 60 yard bomb gets dropped.
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    Yeah but at least the Redskins are short when it comes to defensive talent. Most teams would kill to have the talent the Cowboys do on the defensive side of the ball and they underacheive week after week.
  6. sk0aL

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    Any other thoughts?
  7. Chevyman08

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    This team has no heart. They just layed down today.

    It's time for big changes in Dallas.
  8. CowboyFan74

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    Bring back the 4-3, oh wait, wrong thread...:mad:
  9. cowboyeric8

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    Am I the only one tired of Parcells?
  10. JohnsKey19

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    That's 3 out 4 BIG games at home where the Cowboys have come out and completely fallen flat on their face. The Giants, Saints and Eagles pretty much whooped us on our turf from beginning to end. Only vs the Colts did we show something resembling heart.

    Who gets the blame for that???
  11. Bryan8284

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    Far from I think.
  12. DragonD

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    Henry is hurt, which is why he looked so slow. I'm not sure if he got hurt in this particular game, but I re-watched it on DVR and he was gimpy.

    Back on-topic, this zone that we play confuses the HECK out of our players. The initial zone coverage doesn't seem to be too bad, but as SOON as one of the players get released either our secondary or linebackers screw-up big time.

    I'm starting to wonder if James might not be a dolt that can't figure these schemes out or not. On the touchdown by the tight-end, James had decent coverage then released the TE. He stopped, looked to his left, then must've realized that he was NOT supposed to release him, so then he turned around and tried to hustle back to the TE, but it was too late. Roy came in too late to help. Don't know if that was on Roy or not, because it looked like he was locked up with another player.

    This happen on the 39 yard gain too. The CB released Stallworth, and no one picked him up right away. Watkins tried to run up, late, but bit HARD on a double-move.

    One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the big plays given up are against our second-tier players. We do this substitution package in the red-zone, and it seems to have trouble stopping the run. Also, on that almost-score by LJ Smith it was Elam that got beat. When he saw Smith appear to stay in and block he rushed into the line. In typical Zimmer fashion, all he did was run into the LOS and hit a wall of people. He saw Smith release, but of course was too late to do anything. The ball was lobbed where he was probably SUPPOSED to be...

    Our LDE was getting BLOWN off the ball repeatedly as well. Ferguson and the RDE didn't seem to play too bad.

    Bradie and Ayodele are really struggling though. They are either slow, or are thinking WAY too much thus getting caught out of position repeatedly.

    I love Ware, but sometimes his "youthful exuberance" causes him to lose contain on his side. Not as much as last year, but it does happen.

    To repeat ad naseum, our blitz timing is horrible. On the almost-score by Smith, Roy was darn-near offsides, ran up to the line and had to wait there for the snap.

    Either our players suck, or the schemes aren't any good. I can't tell without being privy to the playcalls, but I WOULD like to see a little more movement by the defense, a la the Colts game.

    If the players are struggling, then the schemes need to be changed to attempt to minimize their weaknesses. Like maybe not line Roy up on receivers?

    So I think...

  13. AmericasTeam

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    I want to see Newman in man coverage...and roll the free safety to Henrys side....Is this not what we did when we had Deion?

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