Am I the only optomist here?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fortdick, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. fortdick

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    Reading the reports of the first day, I can't help but think that things are really looking good in Big D!

    LA not being in shape for camp is not an anomoly. What would have surprised me is if he showed up ready to play! But that aside, things reported so far are what we hoped. (Oops! Forgot Campbell!)

    Offensively, we are not just good, but iIMHO, GREAT! If JuJo stays healthy we open the field up for Bledsoe. After the year Witten had, defenses are going to have to play him close. That will relieve the pressure on the WRs a bit. Between these two, I see more man to man and more eight man up. Glen and Key get open and Bledsoe's arm gets it to them quick.

    The OLine is solid as any. Everyone worries about RT, but hell, three pro-bowlers is as good as it can get! Doubt we could ever have four, but even that would not be good enough for some of the skeptics! The competition for RT is on and we will be fine once the season starts. One of the youngsters will step up, wait and see.

    This offense will score! Bledsoe is, again in my opinion, a great QB. Given his early years with NE, he can be that good again with a solid team around him. This team is solid and he will shine. I know there are a lot of cynics, but I feel as good as can be about his driving the bus. In an earlier post I compared Bledsoe to Danny White and although the diehard Cowboy fans chose White, it was very close. I would take Danny White right now, and Bledsoe is just as good.

    Defensively, WOW!

    Year before last we were best in the game. Now we have made oursleves much better than we were in 2003. Not just a little better, but much better. Having an offense that stays on the field for more than 180 seconds a drive will help enormously! If someone steps up at FS, then no worries.

    The rookies have promise (Canty is the sleeper) and towards midseason one or two will begin contributing in a big way. Roy at SS is an improvement over Woody in his later years. (He has some work to do to replace Woody, but I think in the end he will have done so) Sacks will double this year and Newman will have finally become the CB everyone thought he would be.

    In all, I wouldn't be surprised to see the second round of the playoffs this year, maybe more. Beat Phillie even once, and the NFC East could be ours.

    I have followed the Cowboys since they came into the league. This offense can be as good as the 90's and the defense as good as the 70s.

    It all hinges on Parcells and how well he can turn these youngsters into professionals. As far as game plan? I think Sweet Ol' Bill will figure that out!

    11-5 possible, 10-6 probable.

  2. dargonking999

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    No your not, but there are more realist who give us what we should get.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Been saying that since draft day.
  4. fortdick

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    Well, I think that I am a realist. We are light years better than 2003, and Phillie is getting locked out and gunned down! Giants and Redskins aren't in the picture.

    I just don't see how we can't succeed!

  5. big dog cowboy

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    The only thing I see stopping us is Bledsoe going down with an injury. We are unproven behind him.
  6. NorTex

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    I'm even more optomistic: 12-4
  7. dargonking999

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    injuries, failed schemes, OL not perfomring, the QB postion falling apart, JJ showing he isnt anything like he showed last year, there are manny ways my young jedi:D:D
  8. dargonking999

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    Hey nobody out does my optomisim.....16-0:D:D:D
  9. fortdick

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    Yes, this is true. But Henson will have to prove himself sometime.

    I guess I don't put you in the optomist column! ;)
  10. dargonking999

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    are you sure check my next post ;)
  11. dallasfan31

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    i am optomist too i think 10-6 and 11-5 and bledsoe will surpries people with his play this year and we can beat the eagles
  12. Chief

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    Webster's Online:

    Optomist: 1. A person who is so overcome with optimism that they lose their ability to spell.

  13. Hostile

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    Maybe it is just me, but I have never found that my pessimism or optimism matters much on how the team will play. All the fans in the world could be positive we're winning the Super Bowl and it won't mean it is going to happen. As such I prefer to just be a realist and be optimistic about some things, and pessimistic about others.

    It works for me.
  14. Nors

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    this team is vastly better than last years team. What that translates to remains to be seen. But I feel we are on the eve of our 3rd Lombardi run in the Dallas era....
  15. DallasEast

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    Then, let us hope that the University of Michigan can supply us with a case of deja vu at quarterback.
  16. ndanger

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    ****** now I've got to find someone else to get my eyes checked. :eek:
  17. jem88

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    I'm optimistic about:

    RB- Jones looks to be a bona fide stud. I still enjoy watching the highlights from the Seattle game.

    TE- Not much needs to be explained here. Having Campbell for the season will make the position that much more potent.

    DL- Sure there's some question about Ellis and Glover but adding Ferguson, Spears and Canty is a huge boost.

    CB- Mainly because I think Newman is the real deal. Glenn is great insurance behind Henry.


    WR- Two old starters, one of whom is very injury prone (Glenn). After those two the drop-off is scary. Morgan hardly showed anything last year and Crayton and Copper are hugely inexperienced. An injury to KJ or Glenn would be devastating.

    QB- Not sold on Bledsoe. Great arm but that's of little use when you're holding onto the ball too long.

    FB- No real proven veteran here.

    OL- You might point out that we have 3 Pro-Bowlers. I'd reply that one of them failed a fitness test and hasn't been a true Pro-Bowl player for years, another is old and has fitness questions (Rivera) and the other one, Adams, was disappointing last year and didn't make the expected progress from his breakout 2003 year. Add to that the huge question mark at RT (it's not enough just to say that someone will eventually step up. We've been waiting for that someone for years) and it's obvious that our line is anything but a sure thing.

    LB- For now, this group must be considered average at best. Dat Nguyen plays hard but is new to the 3-4, Singleton and James both appear to be average at best, Ware is a rookie learning a new position and Burnett is also a rookie (likely a good player in the future but who can say for this year?)

    FS- Nothing to be optimistic about here. Lynn Scott? As for Reese, he couldn't hack it back when we truly sucked at the turn of the decade, so I have little cause for optimism now. Like the RT position, until someone truly steps up and grabs the position by the throat, I'll remain sceptical.

    PK- I have no faith in Cundiff.

    So on balance, I think we have a lot of question marks. On paper, I like the look of the moves we've made, but the jury is still truly out on this team.
  18. AsthmaField

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    Good Gawd but that was funny!!!

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