American Horror Story Season 3 Plot Clue

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    The creator of American Horror Story put a clue in last night's episode "The Name Game." He did the same thing in Season 1 by putting a clue for Season 2. There was a scene in Season 1 in the episode "Birth" where one of the characters made a short speech and reference to mental asylums (which is the plot for Season 2). Anyway, speculation is going around about last night's episode. Here are some of the most common things I've seen online:

    *The episode opened with a song with the lyrics "I put a spell on you." Possible ideas I've read online have been a period piece during the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts or even a voodoo theme in New Orleans.

    *One of the characters made a speech about how "freaks" get treated in traveling circus teams. So possibly a freak show/circus theme.

    *The creator of the show hinted that you would have to be quick to spot the clue in the episode. Well, for a split second when one of the characters was playing music on the jukebox, the camera zoomed on the word CONGRESS (which is the name of the record label for the song selected).

    *Also, keep in mind, the creator wants to go back to a strong young-person love story like the one that existed in Season 1 between the two high school-aged characters. This love angle will probably tie into the overall plot.

    *And another thing, the creator said Season 3 will be filmed in a place in America where "true horror has occurred." This makes me think it will be Salem, MA or New Orleans. Or it could possibly play into the Congress angle and be a haunted White House theme.
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    I think the Salem Witch Trials idea would be the most watchable.

    I preferred last season. This one has been a bit up and down.
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    I never got to see the first season. Enjoyed this one though as it was so bizarre and...perverted. :D

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