Americas Team no more, now the Laughing Stock

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by SilverStarCowboy, Feb 8, 2014.

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    We are a laughing stock because of the way we lose. It has nothing to do with the record. We find new ways to lose every season. Oakland is just a bad team.
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    And a lot of the time, .. we beat ourselves. I think that is what people are laughing at.

    Jerry comes out each new year and acts like we have addressed our issues, and fixed our problems, .. and "this is the year !"

    And then we go out and beat ourselves, or blow a lead and lose when we should have won.

    All non-Cowboy fans think that is hilarious!
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    I swear this board pays way too much attention to what they think other people are saying about our team, it's always "people are laughing at us, "what are they saying about our draft", "what do they think of our offense", etc etc. They are the Dallas Cowboys and people either love them or hate them and while winning championships are great you also need to be able to make money. I get pissed at the Cowboys too when they lose but i'm more pissed at fans and the constant *****ing and false threats of dropping their support for the Cowboys.
  4. Reverend Conehead

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    "America's Team" is not the title I want. I want "NFC East Champs," "NFC Champs," and "Super Bowl Champs." I would be happy to see the team get any or all of those titles and could not care less about the "America's Team" BS, which Landry and Staubach didn't like anyway.
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    Its just a nickname that nfl films gave them because every game they saw just as much cowboy fans at away games as home fans.

    Americas Team
    Steel Curtain
    Monsters of the midway

    These were all nicknames that were given to teams in a age when people in media wanted to attract fans, create attraction. There was no internet. Today media has lost all of its integrity. They want juicy rumors, they want to create a story instead of reporting it.

    They told stories back then. You cant find this stuff anymore in media. Lost art.
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    This is something only non Dallas fans say. I never see any Cowboy fans bring this up. And so many out there thought Dallas themselves or the fans came up with this nickname. Which is the furthest thing from the truth.
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    Jerry's World is a laughing stock of a stadium with it's pole dancers, Victoria Secrets. And who pays for those turf level seats? Just stay home and watch on TV because you ain't gonna see anything from that level.
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