An incomplete rundown on the players invited to "Dallas Day"...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 12, 2008.

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    At this point, I've found the names of 28 of the 30 or 31 players who were invited to Dallas Day yesterday... I say 30 or 31 because one of the players, Michael Hawkins, is not a draft prospect this year, he came out in 2005 and was drafted by the Packers in the 5th round, after playing a time for the Dallas Desperados... since then, he's bounced around the league, ane he reportedly hopes to sign on with the Boys... so I don't know if Hawkins counts against the 30 players who were supposedly invited... after Hawkins, I know of 27 other draft prospects who were reportedly invited to the workout... here's the list, with some vital stats and the round each player currently seems to be projected to go in:

    Justin Forsett 5-8 195 lbs. RB Baylor 4.5 sec. 40 4th/5th round
    Brandon Whitaker 5-10 195 lbs. RB Cal 4.5 sec. 40 FA

    Joe Jon Finley 6-6 255 lbs. TE Oklahoma 4.8 sec. 40 5th/6th round

    Daniel Polk 6-1 205 lbs. WR Midwestern St. 4.55 sec. 40 FA
    Joe West 6-1 215 lbs. WR UTEP 4.5 sec. 40 FA
    Zach Sledge 5-11 195 lbs. WR SMU No 40 time FA

    Matt Lindner 6-4 285 lbs. OL TCU 5.35 sec. 40 FA

    Garrett Hartley 5-9 200 lbs. K Oklahoma No 40 time FA

    Frank Okam 6-5 335 lbs. DT Texas 5.25 sec. 40 4th/5th
    Tommy Blake 6-3 275 lbs. DE TCU 4.75 sec. 40 5th/6th
    Kenny Iwebema 6-4 275 lbs. DE Iowa 4.8 sec. 40 5th/6th
    Steven Coleman 6-4 300 lbs. DT Oklahoma 5.05 sec. 40 FA

    Chase Ortiz 6-2 250 lbs. OLB/DE TCU 4.85 sec. 40 7th/FA
    Nick Moore 6-1 225 lbs. OLB Baylor 4.65 sec. 40 FA
    Nelson Coleman 6-2 235 lbs. ILB Tulsa 4.8 sec. 40 FA
    Brendan Pahulu 6-3 230 lbs. OLB Houston 4.75 sec. 40 FA
    David Hawthorne 6-1 240 lbs. ILB TCU 4.7 sec. 40 FA

    Terrance Wheatley 5-10 186 lbs. CB Colorado 4.4 sec. 40 4th/5th
    Brandon Foster 5-8 195 lbs. CB Texas 4.3 sec. 40 7th/FA
    Josh Bell 5-11 175 lbs. CB Baylor 4.5 sec. 40 FA
    Erick Jackson 6-1 195 lbs. CB Texas 4.6 sec. 40 FA
    Jonathan Lindley 5-10 195 lbs. CB SMU 4.6 sec. 40
    Michael Hawkins 6-1 180 lbs. CB Oklahoma 4.4 sec. 40

    David Roach 6-1 210 lbs. S TCU 4.55 sec. 40 5th/6th
    Brian Bonner 5-11 195 lbs. S 4.55 sec. 40 7th/FA
    Bobby Tatum 6-1 195 lbs. S 4.45 sec. 40 FA
    Steve Craver 6-1 216 lbs. S 4.6 sec. 40 FA
    Darien Williams 5-10 200 lbs. S No 40 time (Inj) FA

    Some quick notes... I see 7 offensive players, 1 kicker, and 20 defensive players in this group... I did read where they had Richard Bartel help out throwing the ball, apparently they didn't invite any QBs... I especially see 6 CBs and 5 Ss, or roughly 40 per cent of the known players invited who were DBs...

    Most of these guys will not be drafted, a few will... I'd rank the draftable prospects in this order-- CB Terrance Wheatley, DT Frank Okam, RB Justin Forsett, DE Kenny Iwebema, DE Tommy Blake, TE Joe Jon Finley... OLB/DE Chase Ortiz, CB Brandon Foster, and S Brian Bonner are on the bubble, they might be drafted, they might not... I'd be beyond surprised if any of the other 19 prospects on this list were drafted, but they might well be players to remember when it comes time to sign the undrafted rookie free agents...

    If any of you readers know about any of the players that I've missed on this list, I'd sure appreciate having the blanks filled in... and if any of y'all want to know a little more about any of these prospects, I'll be quite happy to fill you in on what I've found out doing some research tonight...
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    Thanks Bear.
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    Bored at work last night, had a full house before I even got there... had all my work done by a little before 1... it's curious, but full houses make for some of my easiest nights...

    So long as there are no wedding parties... I keep telling the boss, if he'd let me kill just ONE schnockered wedding guest, word would get around, and we wouldn't have any more problems with drunken revelry of any kind on our property... our insurance rates would probably drop significantly...

    But he just can't see the foresight in my thinking, I'm sad to say... hell, he even made me leave me cattle prod at home, when he found out about it...

    How in God's name am I supposed to DEAL with these people, Hos, TALK to them?? I'm sure you've had your experiences with trying to talk to drunks, you know what I'm talking about... you'd have better luck getting one of your dogs to make sense...

    Killing one of 'em would be soooo much easier... I'm not even touching on the emotional gratification aspect here, I'm just trying to be practical... we'll just call the other a nice bonus...

    I'm telling you, I've got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals... I oughta write a manual on guest service...

    Anyway, you're welcome... I was doing it for myself, it took me 15 minutes to type up when I had the list complete...
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    For some reason i think we will pick up tommy blake in the late rounds. If he booms, Jerry is a genious. If he busts, it was a late round pick and it isnt jerrys fault.
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    Thanks bear, appreciatte all the work man.
  6. silverbear

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    I'm not sure Blake's gonna last to the late rounds, but it'll suit me if you're right...
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    I like the way you think Bear.Personally, I'm a big fan of blunt force trauma.I think it's sexy, which by the way would go nicely with a sexy wedding party.
    I'm just sayin'.
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    If we can never have too many pass rushers I'd like to snag Kenny Iwebema late in the draft.

    He is VERY quick for his size, has decent strength. He was utilized horribly here at the University of Iowa. The guy is just a natrual pass rusher. Only problem is he vanished at times and you forgot he was on the field.

    But with his natrual talent, I think Phillips could turn him into a pretty good pass rusher to bring in to spell some of our guys.
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    I'm with you, there's just not enough emotional release provided by shooting them... my plan is to rip off one of their arms, and beat 'em to death with the bloody stub...

    It makes a strong statement, and word gets around... hell, they probably won't even mess with me in prison if they find out how I got there... LOL...
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    Iwebema or Blake, both are intriguing late...
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    I hear ya' bear. It's the gawker syndrome.People will almost cause another car wreck just tryin' to get a look at trauma.Trauma rules!

    What's the greatest Redskin/ Giants game to a Cowboy fan?
    The one where Thiesman gets his leg snapped by L.T.

    How do we remember that?........Trauma.

    Well that and a deep hatred of the Skins...But trauma is cool.

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