An informal survey: Is Romo closer to Aikman or to White?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. GimmeTheBall!

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    I say he be closer to White because of the playoff deficit.
    But if compared to White, he was 5-5 in playoff games and our great present-day QB is 1-3.
    And let us not forget that White was one of the finest Cowboy punters in their franshise history, an added bonus.
    And, on the cuspidor of a long-term deal from Romo, I half to ask jerra, is this what you really want? Is this in the best interest of the team? The fans? Your brand?

    A QB who is brilliant on the field, yet reverts to plays that we discuss in hushed tones all offseason may be one who doesn't necessarily merit a signing beyond 2 years. Remember, in two years he'll be pushingd 35.

    Closer to White? Yes. But not as productive post-season.
  2. the_h0wey

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    Danny White. He will be remembered as a good QB who never got over the hump and won the big one.
  3. Reality

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    John Elway was considered a quarterback who couldn't win a Super Bowl until the last two years of his career. It is pointless to draw conclusions how an active player will be remembered when the rest of his story has yet to be written. It serves no purpose other than to add yet-another-chance to create yet-another-bash-Romo thread.

    If you want to be fair and accurate, the answer to the question would be that Romo's career will fall between .. a very good quarterback during the regular season that failed to achieve any post-season success .. and the only quarterback to win 5 straight Super Bowls. Of course the latter is completely unrealistic but until he fails to do it, that is the top end of the spectrum at this point. It would be no different than asking where will the Cowboys rank between now and 2018 compared to the other teams in the league. The answer would be somewhere between 1st and 32nd.

  4. Nation

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    Romo should work on his punting instead of his golf game in the offseason
  5. xwalker

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    I think Romo would have been really really good playing with Aikman's OLine and with Emmitt and that running game.
  6. SDCowboy85

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    Of course he'll be considered closer to White unless he wins a SB. Unfortunately, that's just how QBs are viewed. What Romo will have when he retires though is he will almost be the Cowboys entire offensive record book at the very least.
  7. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    I see him a step below Danny White and he will remain there unless he gets over the hump somehow. At least Danny was able to get to three NFC Championships and have a chance at a Super Bowl.
  8. SDCowboy85

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    You can view it how you want, but one's personal production is all a player can really contribute. "Over the hump" is something the team has to do.
  9. Phoenix

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    I think the more accurate question here is, Is Romo closer to White or, say, Jeff George? :)
  10. Wood

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    more Jake Plummer. Amazing escapability. At times flash brilliant play. But in end they had mental block for true success.
  11. GimmeTheBall!

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    Danny, like Romo, gave it his best. He'll always be one of my favorites because he persevered with a drop-off of talent from the glory years.
  12. GimmeTheBall!

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    Well . . . yes.
  13. Bowdown27

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    Danny white by far. Troy was so accurate and didn't make boneheaded mistakes. Obviously because we ran 1000 times a game with emmitt lol
  14. john van brocklin

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  15. ufcrules1

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    I would agree with this. Jake was a good QB too.
  16. SDCowboy85

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    People always talk about Aikmans accuracy and lack of mistakes. Romo consistently has a higher completion % behind an oline that has him running for his life and throwing to WR's that sometimes don't know their routes. Romo and Aikman also have similar turnover numbers with Romo throwing much more. I'm not saying Romo is better than Aikman but Romo's accuracy is wildly underrated and his turnovers overstated (often to the tune of him being the only QB in the league who makes mistakes).
  17. GimmeTheBall!

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    I tend to agree wit you.

    It seems that Romo's miscues half come in the worse possibles times. Not on a series that is going nowhere near halftime in an easily-won game, not miscues that are recovered by us. No, mens, his miscues half come at the worse times possibles. That is just unfortunate for us and his legacy.
    I do think the pressure gets to this QB who is otherwise brilliant in personal statistics.
  18. GimmeTheBall!

    GimmeTheBall! Junior College Transfer

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    Dont Taz me, bro!
  19. EGTuna

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    Romo's more like Dan Fouts. A great statistical and regular season QB that was saddled with with a poor GM, a shoddy OL, and not enough post-season success.

    Danny White won more playoff games in 1 season than Romo's won his entire career.
  20. KJJ

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    In fairness to Romo neither Aikman or White ever had as much put on their plate as Romo has on his every season. Neither QB had to throw the ball near as much as Romo which is why Romo is more productive than any QB in team history. The game has changed a lot since White and Aikman played for the Cowboys the league has become a pass happy QB driven league and more is being asked of QB's. No Cowboys QB including Staubach has had to do more than Romo the team lives and dies with his arm.

    The main reason Romo became a starting QB in the NFL and a pro bowl player in only 10 games back in 06 was because he was part of an organized team that was being led by a future HOF head coach. The assistant head coach who found Romo and helped groom him went on to become a SB winning head coach. Both Aikman and White were developed under great head coaches. White and Aikman played on teams that were well balanced offensively and defensively and were being led by HOF RB's.

    In 2012 Romo attempted 648 passes that's 115 more passes than White ever attempted in a single season and 130 more passes than Aikman ever attempted in a single season. During the peak of White's success from 1980-82 he never attempted more than 436 passes. During the peak of Aikman's success from 92-95 he never attempted more than 473 passes. It's clear that both White and Aikman had more help than Romo. Besides the great coaching that White and Aikman received during their prime years they had much better OL's, running games and defenses. In Romo's 7 years as the starter he's had to attempt over 500 passes 4 times.

    He has to play great for the Cowboys to win games and even when he does play great they still have lost games like in 2011 vs the Giants where he finished with 4 TD's and a passer rating of 141.3 in week 14. Last season vs the Saints he finished with 4 TD's and a passer rating of 123.8 and lost. He didn't have a turnover in either game and had 8 TD passes and still lost. The Cowboys inability to run the ball and the defense breaking down at the end of every season has put it all on Romo to have to win games and he folds under the pressure when it's down to do or die. Only once in 7 elimination games has the Cowboys defense shown up along with the running game and it resulted in a solid performance by Romo and an easy win.

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