An informal survey: Is Romo closer to Aikman or to White?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Put Romo on the 90s Cowboys and they are equally as successful.

    Put Aikman on today's Cowboys and he'd be dead.

    Love Troy, he's a legend, hall of famer, etc but he had no mobility and with Jason Garrett calling plays he wouldn't make it through October.
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    Once the talent around him started to go, Aikman (and the Cowboys) had records of 6-10, 7-4, 7-7, 6-10 his last 4 season as QB. He was only 31-34 years old.

    But it's very hard to compare Romo and Aikman on several levels. In his prime, few QBs in history were as accurate as Aikman. I know Romo has the better completion percentage, but it's misleading.

    Another thing that's misleading is Aikman's comments about Romo. He does think Romo is an outstading QB and easily good enough to lead a good team tot he Super Bowl. But when he said Romo was better than him he was referring to his playmaking ability. And that's what he said "he's a better playmaker than I ever was". That's not the same as saying he's a better QB.

    Romo is some sort of cross between Staubach and Aikman in style.
    NOT saying he is as good or better than them as a QB and leader, but he has some of both of them in him.

    And for the record, both Aikman and Staubach threw interceptions more often than Romo. They lower completion rates, had a worse INT rate, and much worse passer ratings...and from what I recall reading, even had a lower 3rd down conversion rate.

    But until proven otherwise, they were clearly better overall team leaders and big game players.
    I think Tony can be that too, but that remains to be seen.

    I feel certain Romo would have had similar success as those two (maybe not quite as good, but good) if he had those teams around him. But that is speculation and not fact.
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    OK, mens, what half we learned?
    (and I appreciate the cervility by all in this, um, touchy discussion.)
    We half learned that:
    Romo is respected by many.
    Romo, perhaps, puts a lot of pressure on hisself that leads to bad decisions in critical times.
    That he is brilliant in personal statistics.
    That he is younger than we think (he sat on the bench in his year NFL years)
    that aikman said romo is better as a "playmaker" and not better overall.
    That Romo, in all probability, could lead us to a Super Bowl with some of Aikman's best teams.
    That Romo is ours, like it or not, at least for the next 2 years.
    That Romo compares favorably with the great Cowboys QBs.

    And if the lad did not half to run for his life all the time he'd probably make better decisions and beter thows.

    Thank you mens.:)
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    That's analagous to saying an aocrn can be anything from a squirrel turd to an oak tree :laugh2: . You sure spent alot of 'ink' to say nothing.
  5. FLcowboy

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    Danny White never played behind Jerry's O-line, and most certainly didn't have to learn new offense every couple of years.
  6. GimmeTheBall!

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    And we half learned that ever body has their excuses.
    Play calling, bad O lines, learning new offenses, injuries, solar flares, romancing Jessica, Miss Missouri, etc.
  7. DWhite Fan

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    Tom Landry said that Danny White was the smartest QB he coached so I do not think Danny learning new offenses every two years would be a problem for him. Playing behind the lines Romo has had is another story. Roger would have had hell doing that...

    People say that Tony would win SBs if he had played with a couple of Aikman's teams (Danny would have too) and maybe so, but I bet Troy would have gotten Dallas to the SB playing with the 2007 Cowboys...

    I don't think people give Troy his due. The man was an amazing QB who was privileged to play with one of the greatest RBs in league history.
  8. HoustonFrog

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    I said this earlier in the thread. You can't make this comparison. Back when Troy played they ran a timing type passing game where accuracy was key. There is a reason why Irvin always had it in the right spot. Aikman was one of the most accurate passers in NFL playoff history. It's no guarantee that Romo does the same things...especially with more press coverage where DBs could manhandle WRs. You think Romo has problems now where DBs can't tough WRs, what would happen then? Love Romo but you can't just switch teams. Troy might get beat up but I think he would succeed. As we just heard from Jerry, they use Romo as a reason not to build up the line. I'm sure with Troy they would use it differently
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Closer to Danny. Love Romo, but he's not even close to Aikman.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Every QB is different. Every situation, every team. I can't say that Tony is Danny or Troy. Tony is Tony.
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    Loved Troy but not quite sure he wins that 2007 game. Anyone remember that 2nd half where our OL just layed down and Tuck and Co just pinned their ears back and took over the game? Romo did not have a chance and I don't think Aikman would have either. Romo did make some plays in that 2nd half that should have won that game but one again his team failed him.

    Come to think of it... Can anyone recall one game where the defense absolutely won the game for us or where the offense besides Romo won the game for us?
  12. TheFinisher

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    Closer to White.

    Going into the playoffs I don't know if there's any QB I'd want more than Aikman in his prime. He was a monster when the stakes were real.

    career SB rating: 111.9 3-0 record

    in his 3 SB runs he played in 9 post-season games, and had a QB rating over 100 in 8 of them.

    It's sad to see how underrated he's become.

    Man I miss those teams... listen to how loud it used to get.


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    They would never have done that to Troy because Troy was so accurate with that ball and it came out so fast that the rush usually didn't get there. It's a different Offense so it's hard to say one thing or another. That's why, IMO, you really can't compare them. Different time, different place.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    If you look at just the playing style, he's probably closer to Roger then he is to either Troy or Danny.
  15. muck4doo

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    Romo is closer to Witten. Shocking, I know,
  16. percyhoward

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    These rankings are all for the five best seasons.

    Average Rank of Defense When QB (points allowed):
    Aikman's Defenses: 3rd
    Staubach's Defenses: 6th
    White's Defenses: 11th
    Romo's Defenses: 14th

    Average Rank in Rushing
    Staubach's Backs: 3rd
    Aikman's Backs: 4th
    White's Backs: 8th
    Romo's Backs: 15th

    Offensive Line Combined All-Pro Selections
    (Associated Press All-NFL 1st or 2nd Team)

    Aikman's Lines: 9
    Staubach's Lines: 7
    White's Lines: 3
    Romo's Lines: 1
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    Again loved Troy from the time he was drafted, but who all remembers that Troy did not exactaly incorporate "new" receivers into his offense. I think Romo is much better at that. Lets face it, Romo is not on a team that has half the talent that Aikmans teams had. And Troy is in the HOF...I don't think anyone is forgetting how great he was, but how many games did Troy have to win the game by throwing 45 times to have a chance...probably not many. Romo is our team currently, he has no running game that can take over a game and when he does the Defense proves itself to be worthless. Has Romo ever had even 1 game where both the running game and defense were playing lights out or has Romo had to be the savior every damm week?
  18. rags747

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    Percyhoward...Could not have said it better myself.
  19. GimmeTheBall!

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    They are both boys and they are both friends.
  20. Apollo Creed

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    This deserves its own thread IMO.

    By just using the eye test impossible to deny that Romo's supporting cast over the years has been suspect - but this is just straight up irrefutable.

    Great job Percy, you continue to be one of the reasons I keep coming to CZ. Post more and create more threads, your great research tends to get lost in a lot of nonsensical banter these days.

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