An informal survey: Is Romo closer to Aikman or to White?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Feb 25, 2013.

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    What is a "sin"....?

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    like I said

    Oh yeah...misprint on the "sin"...should said 2-3 straight practices w/o a ball touching the ground for Aikman but must have deleted something.
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    Buying time and waiting for separation.

    To suggest the passes he throws on slants and crossing routes is accurate is like saying the NFL is modern day slavery.

    Take off the Romo glasses.
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    An open route where a receiver runs across the middle is throwing to a spt ahead of the receiver and letting him run to it.

    Romo has those passes in his playbook. He throws high, and behind.

    Irvin said he could run the slant blindfolded and Aikman would hit him in the hands 9 out of 10 times.

    Sorry, I have seem too many passes he tosses in the wrong spot that causes the receiver to reach back or over his head. Those are an everyday thing for Romo. Those were once in a blue moon for Aikman.

    I am not stupid nor am I a Romo hater. But I am someone who pays attention and doesn't see ever6y play with my heart and not my head.
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    If you see Romo as inaccurate than what the hell does that say about the rest of the qb's ? Romo is so inaccurate he is consistently in the 90's as far as qb rating...boy and that includes his way high interception %. Take off the Hater glasses please.

    Staubach has come out and said that Tony is special, Troy has come out and said the same thing. GM's have come out and said that he would be the highest paid qb if he went FA...Guess you know more. TD, Were you on the yahoo finance boards at one time? Dude there had the same handle.
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    I'm going to bite.

    What GM has said Tony would be the highest paid QB in the league if he was a FA?
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    He is better than White but yes closer to him than Aikman. Face it, he isn't fit to wear Troy's jock (at least the Troy from 91-98.
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    white no doubt.
    White had better talent to work with but could never get it done
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    Hate to say it but as time slips away it is White.
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    Not sure I would include 91, 97, and 98 in any better than Romo conversations.
    Those years were not brilliant statistically or littered with any post season success.
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    sorry, not GM...AFC Coordinator...Yeah big difference.

    It’s amazing how fans in Dallas and pundits alike go out of their ways to disrespect and ridicule Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

    Search around the league though, and Tony Romo is highly thought of. How respected is Romo? Well per ESPN’s Dallas Cowboys report, Tony Romo would probably command the highest paid contract in football if he were a free agent on the open market according to one AFC offensive coordinator.

    I wonder if people realize how well Tony Romo is thought of in the NFL. Yes, he will put the ball up for grabs too much for the liking of some, but one AFC offensive coordinator said he could see Romo as the highest-paid player in football if he were on the open market. Whenever Romo signs his extension — be it before or after free agency begins — I wonder if the Cowboys will make it a six-year deal. In other words, it would be a five-year extension through 2018. Part of the reason for the longer deal would be to help with the salary cap in the early years of the deal. When the Joe Flaccodeal comes in, I would expect the Cowboys and Romo’s agents to get together in real negotiations. During the season, I said it would be a five-year extension for $85 million. Now I would put that figure around $90 million, or $18 million per season. Please remember, though, that a lot of this stuff is funny money.
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    Well I appreciate the link. Wonder why they didn't use his name instead of an AFC coordinator? I think it would be ridiculous if Romo was made the highest paid QB.
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    Because you look at stats and suggest that is all there is.

    Different game.

    Jimmy stated many times Aikman could have had Marino numbers but the team needed him to do other things. I fail to see how difficult it is to see Romo struggle with certain throws.

    Or are you one of those fans that didn't see Troy play live?

    It is night and day.

    Being special doesn't mean he is a better passer. And numbers on a QB chart don't either when you are comparing a team that featured the run game versus Garrett's passing game and a minute of silence for the run.

    I guess I should ignore your condescension since you cannot offer anything more than meaningless stats and insults.
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    I think he's a lock if he wins a superbowl. Not a first ballot, but he'd make it with a SB win.
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    He's closer to Joe Pesci. Frustrated, talks a big talk and will never get close to an Oscar or a SB Trophy. Strictly a bit player.

    :lmao: RedBaLL ExPreSS:lmao:
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    I can't say that Romo would win 3 Super Bowls with the 90s teams, because that is nothing more than hypothetical.

    However, if the football gods granted me Troy Aikman in his prime with this current version of GM, Coaching, supporting cast, or the 90s Cowboys with Romo at the helm...I can guarandarntee you which option I would take and so would 100% of anyone on this board that is not a liar.

    I love Troy and he is a deserving HOFer, but some are making Troy to be something he was not. When Troy had one of the best teams ever assembled healthy and in their prime he was dynamite.

    When the Troy did not have that elite talent he won 1 out of 5 playoff games. Some will take that as a slam against Troy I'm sure...oh well, but I am merely pointing out the fact that it is a team game and when the rest of the team had not peaked or faded Troy could not save the Cowboys.
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    I agree completely.

    Look I think Troy was great, but I think we tend to overrate him due to his SB wins, and underrate Tony due to his playoff woes.

    Tony Romo 177-91 95.6 Rating 64.7% comp
    Troy Aikman 165-141 81.6 Rating 61.5% Comp

    I think we can all agree that Troy had WAY more talent around him. Troy had some amazing offensive lineman, hall of fame WR and the best runningback ever. Tony has had 1 RB top 1000 yards in his career, good receivers collectively (T.O, Miles for a year, Dez,Witten) horrendous protection. Aikman also had some very good defenses in his career. Tony? Not even close. I love Troy, glad he was a Cowboy, but when you look at the games, talent around him, and the stats, Troy had it much easier than Tony. And yes, I watched both play.

    In fact, Troy's career numbers look almost identical to one QB in the NFL right now:Alex Smith. In 1994 the Cowboys had a very good team and Troy was 13-12 with a 84.9 Rating.
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    I was just telling my son the other day how skewed my thinking was back in the 90s. I remember 3 and 3 and think that was the same thing as 3rd and inches. I knew Dallas would hand the ball to Emmitt and between that OL, Johnston and Emmitt it was if it was a given Dallas would get the first.

    Now on 3rd and inches I'm screaming "Pass, Pass, Pass". :laugh2:
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    This is an example of a biased question.

    "Is the current quarterback (that has never been to a Super Bowl) more like this quarterback over here (that never went to a Super Bowl)

    ... Or more like this Hall of Fame quarterback that went to and won 3 superbowls?"

    Romo is a good quarterback. Dallas couldn't do much better, they are lucky to have him. Give him some protection, so he doesn't have to be Carl Lewis at age 35.
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    I don't think he's close to either one.Both outclass Romo by a mile.

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