An Objective Mediot Who Actually Gets It

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Feb 20, 2013.

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    What does he get?
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    Is Tom Ryle really in the media or is he just another BTB poster?

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    This article is to like kryptonite is to Superman.

    A great read with true perspective about the real culture within Valley Ranch.

    Thanks for posting!
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    New hired hands speak highly of their new boss and new opportunity to the media. What a revelation! What deep insights!


    The line is forming to buy into the perpetual offseason hype machine. Get your tickets now!
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    All the top coaches dream of coming to Dallas. Just consider the big fish Jerry has snagged over the years!

    --Pulling Barry Switzer off his sofa was a major coup.
    --Chan Gailey was one hell of hot NFL commodity when Jerry hired him.
    --Dave Campo is the most Interesting Coach of the World. What a head coach!
    --Wade Phillips was a natural fit. Alpha male comes to lead the Cowboys.
    --If Garrett was to somehow lose his job...20 teams would be jumping on him!
    --Kiffin? Don't let the fact that GMs and NFL insiders were stunned by the hiring. 72-year old Monte was being EVERYONE.

    It's so true. All the up and coming coaches of the year...are just begging to come and let Jerry engineer the team personnel and. Who wants to be a solo head coach when you can be co-head-coach with Jerruh!

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    What does any of this have to do with the original post? It just talks about coaches who had other ideas in their interests then coaching but came to Dallas anyways.
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    He is actually one of the worst.

    He is no "mediot". He is a blogger. Period.

    If you think there is no bias or "agenda" (the most overused word on this board that I really wish would be wiped from the English language as a result), you are a fool and don't read that site regularly.

    He is very much a happy fan and practically everything he writes is in that vein.

    But these days the term "mediot" must be reserved for "person that publishes material on the interwebs that I just don't agree with".
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    Yeah, it's funny how people will post stuff from and treat it as a "news" article, instead of as propaganda written (literally) by employees of Jerry Jones.

    And then the bloggers. Some are insightful...but some are just happy fans.
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    Must I connect the dots? Since Jimmy departed, the Cowboys have needed to dumpster dive to acquire their coaches. Here are the typical profiles:
    -Over the hill, semi-retired coaches
    -College guys
    -Way, way under the radar types

    You never see us get a coach in his prime who is alpha dog, prized by the league.

    Parcells? He was the exception as Jerry himself conceded, to manipulate public opinion into helping get the "staydyem" built.
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    I don't see any sunshine pumping. Kiffin is to the 4-3 what LeBeau and Capers are to 3-4 and everyone would be excited if we got those guys. Marinelli is very well respected and turned down the DC job in Chicago to come here. Eberflus stayed when his DC left and is well respected around here. Everyone agreed it was time for Decamillis to go and the new guy seems excited to join Garrett and turned down a great opportunity at Auburn.
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    You dont normally see any team get a guy coach is is perceived in his prime. Because they're all locked up in deals with current teams. Before you mention Harbaughs, and Payton, people like that. They were all questionable when they got their jobs. They just worked out. Wade Phillips went 13-3 in his first yr too 9-7 his 2nd and 11-5 in his 3rd. Pretty good no? Who the hell knows what happened in 2010
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    I am a glass half full guy.

    But the points you make are rather weak ones for actual Cowboys fans who pay attention.

    Kiffin did architect some great NFL defenses but he was most recently abused in the Pac 12. And for 5 years. He created the zone scheme Tampa 2 and we are actually unlikely to use that. We are mostly likely going to use a Seattle over 4-3 scheme with man coverage. So it isn't really what Kiffin is known for. Though at 72 you can bet he has seen a little bit of everything.

    Marinelli, who really is very coveted; turned down a DC job in Chicago because they just fired his best friend in coaching. And we gave him the Asst Head Coach title here. He is the de facto DC in waiting.

    Auburn is really struggling and that job may well be a 1 year deal. The SEC is big-time but it doesn't compare to the same title in the NFL.

    I tend to think the staff has a real shot. But I also see that this team has about 1 more year of playoff failure before we are rebooting again. Garrett isn't here on a forever deal. Not with the owner making him uncomfortable.
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    I read your posts as i do many people. This is the usual comment you make.

    Maybe you'd be better served to discuss the team and not what other people think. Because you continually make remarks about other fans of this team not seeing it the way you do.

    If you are not married, never ever try that my friend. If you think this site is sketchy in regard to agreeing, then take a wife and come back here for a break.
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    Pumping sunshine or pumping Jerry/Jason negativity; those seem to be the primary motives of many media and fan posters...very few posts about the team and players/coaching staff don't become inundated with these themes.

    This is the annual time of hope or "nothing will ever change under Jerry Jones" cynicism. I choose to be hopeful about all changes and additions, knowing that no one's words mean anything and all changes mean nothing unless the team WINS.
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    These coaching hires can be good ones, but truthfully, it will not matter much if Dallas has the same Safety/D-line play and the injuries they had in 2012. One of Kiffen's biggest issues at USC was lack of talent lining up against those zone read fast paced offenses, meanwhile his nemesis just signed on as coach of the Eagles and the Redskins run a Zone Read style.

    If Dallas lines up that same defensive cast that they had after mid-season last year (gimpy D-Ware, no Sean Lee, no Bruce Carter, no Barry Church, no Jay Ratliff), then that simplified defense is still going to get torched.
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    excellent article--people need to quit respouting the garbage they hear in the media about how powerless Garrett is--it's the same folks who rant about Romo being the problem
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    (coughing on the on-the-spot correcton?)

    One directed at objectivity, and the other towards submission...:rolleyes:
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    A very good insight...and those aren't dependent upon a ring tapping or burn barrel return of support of 'proper' way to see things.

    I bet the real beliefs of those referred to, would box some ears if taken to THEM as some above have spouted in the new coaching additions and labeled their presence as 'Uncle Tomming.'


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