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    When looking at the Cowboys roster, one thing becomes apparent. It is top heavy, with a lot of talent at the skill positions, but woefully lacking depth at many positions as well as strength in the trenches. For as much playmaking ability that the offense possesses, the defense has one playmaker – DeMarcus Ware, and a cast of players hoping to avoid being noticed.

    It will likely take at least two offseasons to fully correct the personnel problems on this team, but there are ways to help close the gaps a bit. One issue that the Cowboys will face is that a number of teams have huge cap surpluses that will allow them to win bidding wars for free agents over Dallas. The other is that the free agent class is not necessarily deep.

    The areas to focus on upgrading are as follows (in order of importance):
    1. OLB – the Cowboys need more pass rush to take pressure off of Ware, and to make the defense more multi-dimensional.
    2. OG/C – the offensive line is the only thing holding the offense back from being amongst the elite.
    3. DL – too many non-athletic, non-playmakers in this group. Need to add explosive players to the mix.
    4. CB – the secondary was lousy. Fixing the pass rush will help a lot. Still, an infusion of talent is necessary here.
    5. ILB – not enough speed in this group. With James and Brooking likely to leave, not enough depth, either.

    Based off of who is already free, and the free agents that were Cowboys this past offseason, here’s one person’s view on steps that the Cowboys should make, including their 2012 foray into the NFL Draft:

    QB Jon Kitna – enjoy retirement, Jon.
    CB Alan Ball – toast is burned less than Ball has been in Dallas
    LB Keith Brooking – was a very good LB for a long time, but he cannot run well enough to play anymore
    LB Bradie James – see above
    OG Montrae Holland – discipline on the team needs to improve, and retaining an average player who needed to go to a fat farm is not the way to follow through on it.
    OG Derrick Dockery – average player who is a progress stopper at best
    OG Daniel Loper – was regularly on the did not dress list
    RB Sammy Morris – soon to be 35 year old is a hold the fort option, nothing more
    CB Frank Walker – the very definition of a journeyman. Got worse as the season progressed.
    LB Anthony Spencer – the Cowboys need a more athletic, quick twitch option opposite Ware.
    WR Kevin Ogletree – one of the dumber players in Dallas, who never seems to know where to lineup.

    WR Laurent Robinson – became a solid playmaker and earned Tony Romo’s trust. However, if the contract is larger than 4 years, 14 million, he should be allowed to leave.
    TE Martellus Bennett – should not be brought back for anything other than a 1 or 2 year deal.
    S Abram Elam – another hold the fort guy, but a solid presence. Should have to compete for a job.
    P Mat McBriar – if his foot woes are in the past, a no brainer. Like Elam, should have to compete for his job.

    CB Terence Newman – quite possibly the worst player on a struggling defense last year. Need to get younger and cheaper here.
    DE Kenyon Coleman – a hold the fort player who understands Rob Ryan’s philosophy, but very physically limited.

    OG/C Jeremy Zuttah – plenty of starting experience with Tampa, and only 25 years old. His positional flexibility makes him a must add.
    OG Jake Scott – veteran who is very similar to Kyle Kosier. At 31, will not be an expensive signing.
    DE Jason Jones – another young player with large upside that would add pass rush talent to the front.
    DE Kendall Langford – if Jones cannot be signed, this should be the target.
    CB Tracy Porter – smooth, playmaking corner who may end up a little cheaper price wise due to injury history. Eric Wright would be an alternative if cost prohibitive.

    2012 Draft Picks
    1. Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama – Adds size, cover skills, physicality and tackling ability to the secondary.
    2. Whitney Mercilus – OLB Illinois – Will likely go higher than this, but his first step quickness will be a great complement to Ware’s rush from the weak side. Pick is based on thought that teams will write him off as a one year wonder.
    3. Audie Cole – ILB – North Carolina State – strong competitor with the size to thrive in a 3-4. Will push Bruce Carter for time.
    4. Michael Brewster – C Ohio St. – Will add competition for the center position, and can add depth at guard as well.
    5. Eddie Whitley – FS Virginia Tech – solid tackler and great special teamer who has played both corner and safety. He will be able to learn behind Elam.
    6. B.J. Cunningham – WR Michigan St. – not a need, but a pet cat of mine. The all time leading WR at MSU, and for a school that has produced Mark Ingram, Andre Rison, Derrick Mason and Charles Rogers (well, he was a beast at MSU), that’s saying something.
    7. Donte Paige-Moss – OLB North Carolina – a gamble on greatness selection who won’t likely pay dividends until 2013.

    The hope here is that the team is more athletic, better at playmaking and has the ability to punch back when they take a shot. Much of this is unlikely, but it’s worth discussion.

    Flame away.
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    Kudos. Very well thought out and reasonable FA acquisitions (I think there will be at least one big name signing however - its Jerry after all).

    I could live with this draft. Especially like the Paige-Moss pick, low risk-high reward.
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    I think this is very well thought out, but personally I would go in a little different direction with the OL. This draft is stocked with Guards all the way into round 3. I'd go young with the OL and draft another G and C in this draft. I think between Arkin,Kowalski, and Nagy we are going to be ok at G especially if we get Decastro at 14.
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    this is probably the best offseason/draft plan i've seen. i can nitpick with you on a few of the fa's and the draft but i agree completely with your cuts and resigns.
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    Nice job. Interesting too.

    Whitney Mercilus is a big part of your overall plan and it isn't so probable that he'll be there in the mid-2nd round where the Cowboys are picking. That's a weak link in the plan.
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    I mean big time kudos....jerrah should hire you: NOW.

    ......I especially like your pet cat: I've personally seen BJ play roughly 15 times the last 4 years. His speed is underwhelming but he's big and physical and catches everything in SIGHT. Plus, he's a great kid with tremendous drive and work ethic: something that's lacking on this team and wr core right now. Nicely done.
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    I think if we go WR in the 5th or 6th I'd be all over AJ Jenkins from Illinois. He'd be perfect here. Kid flat out is a playmaker and would cause defenses havoc in the slot. IMO he will be a stud in the NFL. I don't think any 3rd CB could check him.

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