Analyst dismisses then takes seriously Obama's birth certificate

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Angus, Oct 23, 2008.

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    If Obama wins on November 4th, I think everyone should be poised for a Biden presidency, and if Biden is deep-sixed, a Pelosi president. Something is wrong, Why, if it is legitimate, has the original birth certificate not benn produced?


    TV Station Political Analyst Dismisses Then Takes Seriously Questions About Obama Birth Certificate
    By P.J. Gladnick (Bio | Archive)
    October 23, 2008 - 00:19 ET

    The political analyst of West Palm Beach TV station WPTV seems to have a split personality about the controversy currently raging on the Web over the authenticity Barack Obama's birth certificate. First he seems to dismiss the questions about that birth certificate as some sort of nutty conspiracy theory:

    "I think it's conspiracy theories run amuck," says WPTV political analyst Dr. Robert Watson. "The next thing we're going to hear is Barack Obama was at Roswell."

    This was his first reaction to that Obama birth certificate controversy as reported by WPTV:

    Nonetheless an attorney in Philadelphia, Philip Berg, filed a lawsuit claiming Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian man. Berg says Obama failed to take an oath of allegiance when he turned 18.

    Obama has attempted to silence any critics by producing a birth certificate from Hawaii, proving he was born there in 1961. Berg however is demanding an original, and not a copy from the Obama camp.

    Obama's team filed a motion to dismiss Berg's lawsuit, but they also made a motion to block discovery.

    Brian Smith is a West Palm Beach attorney registered as an Independent, that has wrote about this issue from a legal standpoint on his blog.

    "The Obama camp and Democratic National Committee responded to the lawsuit by filing a motion to dismiss, but they never responded to the request for admissions."

    Berg is now arguing because Obama's camp is refusing to produce an original birth certificate copy in discovery, his allegations are essentially true.

    "Wednesday he filed a motion for summary judgment, or a judgment in his favor, as a matter of law, because they essentially admitted those allegations. That from a legal perspective is huge," says Smith.

    This is the third lawsuit that's been filed about Obama's citizenship, meaning the courts will have to decide how to move forward. A Washington man, Steven Marquis, is suing the Washington Secretary of State, demanding that he verify Obama's citizenship status before the election.

    In Honolulu, Andy Martin filed a lawsuit on October 17th, to get the Hawaiin Department of Health to release Obama's birth certificates. Martin also wants to see an original birth certificate, and not a 'copy.'

    Smith says under Hawaiin law birth certificates are considered private.

    Meanwhile, Judge R. Barclay Surrick is hearing Berg's case in Pennsylvania. The suit was filed on August 21st, but the judge has not made any ruling.

    What is certain is that this issue doesn't seem to be going away.

    On-line it has a rabid and contentious following from both sides.

    Even in the real world, Dr. Watson tells us whenever he speaks publicly, the issue always pops up.

    So Dr. Watson you think this controversy is silly, right? Wrong:

    "At this point I think Obama should answer the question. In politics, perception is reality and as long as these e-mails are running wild with conspiracy theories, I think he needs to address it," says Watson.

    Silly or serious? Make up your mind one way or another, Dr. Watson. Right now you seem to be trying to have it both ways
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    I can see Obama from here.
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    I don't buy the claim that Obama is not a US citizen. I do think he should just show the original document and end it once and for all. Heck he was going to Hawaii to visit his ill grandmother anyways. Regardless if he does or doesn't I don't see his citizenship being an issue.
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    Maybe they feel that anything that takes the McCain campaign focus away from the central issue, the economy, helps Obama? Talking about these non-issues is a bridge to nowhere and the numbers show that fact.
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    I dont know what to believe about Obama anymore.

    I do know Obama has a problem with the facts concerning himself.

    He has made several statements about himself and his family during the campaign that are totally inconsistent with what he said in his book, and vice versa.

    A couple that come to mind are:

    OBAMA: My name Barrack Obama is Swahili.

    TRUTH: His name is Arabic. "Baraka" (from which Barrack comes), means "blessed" in Arabic. Hussein and Obama are Arabic as well.

    OBAMA: My grandmother in Africa has always been a christian.

    TRUTH: in her own interview, according to her she still does her Salat prayers every morning at 5:00 am. She also said that she was 1 of 14 wives to Barracks grandfather.

    OBAMA: My school in Indonesia was christian.

    OBAMAS BOOK: I was registered as a Muslim at my school in Indonesia and use to get in trouble during Koranic studies for making faces.

    I'am no religious expert, but since when do christians allow a women to be 1 of 14 wives to one man. And do all christains do Salat prayers at 5:00am?

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    McCain has nothing to do with this and has not made this an issue. This is something attorney in Philadelphia Philip Berg has brought up and something that was being said during the primaries as well.
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    I could be wrong but I thought as long as his mother is a US citizen which I believe she is then where she gives birth is irrelevant her child would still be a US citizen.
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    He has shown the original document. There are a few of those out there that refuse to believe it and spout it off as news that he hasn't. Then reasonable people like you are given that misinformation.

    I think it is a non-issue. I also think it is in poor taste to even keep questioning it. I thought the same thing when they questioned McCain's citizenship. Just ridiculous in both cases.
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    I agree and as I said I don't think it is an issue and when people have come to me and told me these stories I just brush it off. As I tell them I don't agree with Obama in a lot of areas but things like being Muslim or a non-citizen is just utter non-sense and not worth wasting time over.
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    I dont know the answer to that.

    Both my parents are US citizens and I was born in London. I have dual citizenship and both a US and UK passport.

    I dont like or trust Obama, however, I would be willing to bet that he is indeed a US citizen. He's smarter than that.

  13. Doomsday101

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    As I said I disagree with the man on his political stances and I question his character to a certain extent but I think it is a waste of the courts time and tax payer money for this attorney to bring this in front of a court of law.
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    dont be surprised if the secret service comes knocking on your door
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    I agree.

    Politics is an expensive & nasty game to play, and it's always the tax payers that have to pick-up the tab.

    How does that old cliche go, " It's fun to play Santa Claus when your spending someone eles money"

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    It's not good enough to be a US citizen. It may not be good enough to be a US citizen at birth. To be president, you must be a 'natural born citizen', which some interpret to mean that you need to be born on US soil. To my understanding, the meaning of 'natural born' has not ever been completely decided by the courts.

    It's irrelevant here, of course, since Obama was born in the US and has produced his birth certificate to prove it.
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    I think that when this election is over, you need to go on a "Youtube free" diet. You're having way too much fun for your own good. ;)
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    Just amazing that this is even still up for discussion.

    No way a person gets this far in the race for POTUS and his citizenship status is still question.
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    Philip Berg's lawsuit is going to be dismissed because he neither has the authority to file such a lawsuit nor does the State of Pennsylvania have any authority to act on the lawsuit. Basically it has no legal standing whatsoever. He is also a major supporter of the 911 conspiracy theorists.

    Andy Martin is a crazy nut known for filing frivolous lawsuits and believes that Obama has his grandmother locked up in a closet.

    So basically you're saying Obama must be hiding something because he hasn't given these people copies of his birth certificate, even though it has been verified by numerous independent experts and there are copies of it posted on his website.

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