Anatomy of a prospect: Oklahoma OT Phil Loadholt

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    Anatomy of a prospect: Oklahoma OT Phil Loadholt
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    Almost two decades of free agency have taught the NFL a valuable lesson -- you'd better draft and develop your own offensive linemen. Teams don't let their great blockers go, and those shopping have to overpay dramatically for the mediocrity that is available in free agency along the offensive line.

    That's why eight offensive tackles were selected in the first round of the 2008 NFL draft, including five by teams trading up. Left tackle is the premium position because it protects the blindside of the quarterback. But that's not to say there isn't value on the right -- the power side -- where successful NFL running games begins. Two of the trade ups in 2008 involved right tackles, Detroit to 17 to select Gosder Cherlius and Carolina to 19 for Jeff Otah.

    All that is good news for Oklahoma's Phil Loadholt. He started for two years at left tackle for the Sooners, but projects as the best right tackle in this draft. At 6-7 1/1 and 332 pounds, Loadholt is the biggest tackle on the draft board. He also has the longest arms of any blocker on the board at 36 1/2 inches -- and arm length is a key ingredient in the evaluation of offensive linemen. Long arms keep bull rushers off your body and also allow pass protectors to steer speed rushers wide of the pocket.

    Loadholt was an All-Big 12 selection in 2008 and NFL teams like his nasty streak. He could become the third Oklahoma offensive linemen drafted in the first round in the last five years, joining Jammal Brown (New Orleans) in 2005 and Davin Joseph (Tampa Bay) in 2006.

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    I could see the Vikings taking him in round 1.
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    wow, I thought he was generally being projected as a late 2nd rounder or 3rd round pick.
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    he could go anywhere from 1st to 3rd round

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