And with the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select..

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    Romo will be 31 when the season starts next year. They have to consider QB. That's not a knock on Romo at all. It's a fact. If they ignore that then we'll be stuck like we were at the end of Aikman's career, scrambling with the next Quincy Carter or Chad Hutchinson. People lose perspective when they see Old Man Favre running around, but the cold truth is that Romo probably only has 3 or so more good years left before he starts to decline. To think he's going to play at an elite level for another 5 years is probably wishful thinking. They - hopefully "they" doesn't mean Jerry Jones - have to seriously consider QB.

    If you have a #1 overall (or top 3 or so for that matter), you need to look at 3 positions, IMO: QB, LT, and pass rusher. Almost every other position is overvaluing a guy who won't have as much impact on the game. Even RB. Although an RB can definitely have a huge impact, their shelf life is what, 7 years in most cases? Most RBs are a shell of their former selves after 6 or 7 years, and more importantly, are far and away the easiest position to find a quality player with in the middle of the draft.

    With LT, we could likely easily shift Free to RT and put a new guy there pretty quickly. Look around the league the last few years and a lot of rookie LT's have been good right away, and in some cases, helped turn their offense around. Our OL needs a heavy dose of toughness. We also need a guy who won't get totally rolled on 3rd and short, like our OL does with regularity. In other words, we need an alpha male on the OL, not a fake one like Colombo (that's not a shot on his character, just that he isn't a very good football player).

    And with OLB/DE, don't tell me we're set there. We have one guy who can consistently rush the passer and no one else. Spencer has some nice qualities, but it's year 4 with him and we're still waiting for him to break out. How would he compare to the Giants? Their 4th best pass rusher? 5th? Whether we stay 3-4 or not, we need to find another pass rusher, because other than the last 5 or so weeks of last year, Spencer hasn't shown he can do it.

    Like with safety, there's an ok veteran available in free agency annually. How many QBs? How many decent left tackles? How many pass rushers? With those 3 positions, it's a rarity that a decent player - much less a really good one - ever hits the open market. Drafting a safety that high is a Roy Williams disaster waiting to happen. Name one safety drafted in the top 10 in the last decade that's lived up to his billing. I can't think of any. No way I'd take safety high. That's a Redskin/Raider move.

    Those 3 positions: QB, LT, DE/OLB. IMO, every other position is complimentary, and taking a guy at one of them assumes that we're set overall and are just looking to fill holes. We're not. Not even close.
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    RT, RG, STUDD MLB. The good/bad news is that we will also have a top 37ish pick. Should be abel to address 2 areas of need.
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    Are you suggesting that Luck is a better QB than Romo ?
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    Same with Brewster, when he's ready. This is a perfect time to see if they're worth it and what they need to work on.
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    Scream away my friend, if there is no OL worthy of the pick, you don't reach.
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    Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin

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