Andre Holmes cut

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. The Quest for Six

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    what does it take for Olgetree to be cut.....
  2. jblaze2004

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    not this season unless jerry jones quit's:laugh2:
  3. Howardlittleton64

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    His point was that our front office has no idea what it is doing. For those who don't turn a blind eye it is obvious.
  4. Hoofbite

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    That was the only reason he was around in the first place. He had that twinkle in Jerry's eye firing on all cylinders.
  5. jobberone

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    Considering he was signed as a G, our starting C is still hurt and our backup is as well, we're pretty lucky he's playing fairly well.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    He's a UFA and won't be back.
  7. birdwells1

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    my thoughts exactly.
  8. kirkjrk

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    Jerry + Jerry = Idiot That's the reason for our problems. Now we know.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Supposedly Garrett and Romo thought a lot of him, too. That's usually where Jerry gets his reports from.
  10. links18

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    One too many UDFA projects.
  11. Wolfpack

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    Its no different than the times of having 3 or 4 kickers on the roster. This is like letting a special needs kid run an NFL football team. Its horrid, no excuse.
  12. montgod

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    I agree. Probably Lemon?
  13. jbravo316

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    Yeah jerry had him in the hall of fame before the season ever started.
  14. jbravo316

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    I never personally heard anyone other than loudmouth say he was the second coming of Robinson.
  15. Illini88228

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    What does that prove? And more importantly, why does it matter?

    I could see people being upset if he had been guaranteed the #3 job, but he didn't play. He's just a cheap, failed, project.

    Would you rather they had grossly overpaid for Robinson? He's had one good season and has never managed to stay healthy. They filled the spot with several unproven players, and then cut one of them who wasn't producing.
  16. Zman5

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    That's what we thought last year too.

    PAINFROMUKRAINE Well-Known Member

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    The "poor" roster move is striclty on Garrett and Robinson. Garrett & Robinson should have realized much sooner that Holmes did not have the Talent to play in the NFL. We kept him on the roster during the off season and 12 weeks of the regular season. Do not blame Jerry for being optimistic of a young player. He was an undrafted FA who has no Salary Cap Implications so if Garrett and Robinson wanted to cut him in preseason, I am sure jerry/stephen would not have gone crazy. Stop blaming the GM for the Regular Season. The GM's job is basically over when the regular season starts and the Head Coach is fully responsible for the players and the games by September 1. Injury replacement players and Practice Squad/Waiver pick ups will have some GM involvement though. Based on the board, Garrett got credit for cutting the overpaid/lazy veterans YET Jerry will not allow him to cut a "pet project" who is on a minimum contract.
  18. craig71

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  19. links18

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    I don't know if Jerry held up cuting him or not, but its hard to deny that Jerry was talking this guy up as if he were the second coming of Randy Moss. Did he get that info from Garrett? Well, if so, that's one more strike against the red headed step child.
  20. Kangaroo

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    Coale is on IR with a torn ACL

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