Andrew Datko 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes

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    by Jon Dove on Jul 17, 2011 12:00 PM EDT in 2012 NFL Draft
    Andrew Datko
    6'6, 311 pounds | Offensive Tackle | Florida State

    First word: Florida State has done a good job at producing good offensive line prospects. However, they all play a certain style that doesn't fit every NFL scheme. They are more about locking on and controlling rather than driving off the ball. The lineman are more athletic and quick than big and strong. None the less, they possess good technique and potential.

    Andrew Datko is getting some attention as a mid round tackle prospect. He is a decent athlete with the ability to move in space and shuffle his feet. He does a good job keeping low and holding leverage against his opponents. Datko's biggest strength is his ability engage and control. His heavy hands make it tough for the defender to disengage and pursue the football.

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