Andrew Hawkins... 4th and Long Thread *Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I think he can.

    I wouldn't mind having him on the team. More than a few have said we needed someone with the quicks to play WR. Ok, here's one who has the quicks, is fast (and in pads, too), and can accelerate in and out of cuts like they weren't there. I'd like to see him against NFL quality starters but I'll be surprised if he still can't get a fair amount of separation.

    He reminds me of a quicker DeSean Jackson.

    I'll get flamed for that and the following:

    He may be able to be a gunner in spite of his size. I think he may be quick and fast enough to get around blockers even two. That would be a plus esp if he can hit and tackle.

    He can play the slot and SPs. There is no one on this team now that I know of who can cut and run like him. Austin is probably close in top end speed but even he doesn't have his acceleration and cutting ability. And Austin impresses me. Of course Austion is half again as big as this guy is.

    He may be able to return punts which this team doesn't have.

    I'm even wondering if he could run the ball on end arounds, reverses and the Razorback. I don't think even FJ has his speed.

    That's a lot of ifs and his ability to make big plays and play STs would make or break him. But he has some talent.

    Flame away.
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    The number of current NFL players to come out of crap leagues is well noted.

    I have never poo-poo'd the idea a guy could come off this show and make the team. Guys who are overlooked and spend a year or two working their behinds off to have a chance aren't in much worse shape than some guy who made a couple practice squads and has less 'real' college play behind him.

    Hawkins clearly has NFL-caliber quickness and toughness. He is just a midget that can flat out play.
    very similar to Wes Welker is being hard to corral and being super quick because his center of gravity is like 5 inches off the ground, lol.

    What I don't want is the Cowboys thinking they are too good to turn over stones looking for players.

    Our franchise QB was undrafted.
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    Nate Newton, Kurt Warner and tons of other World League/Arena League or NFL Europe guys have made it to the NFL and played well.

    Is Hawkins less athletic than Pat Watkins? NOPE! He is simply really short.

    I guarantee you we drafted guys who will be cut long before Hawkins is.

    Every time there has been another football league in existence guys had made it to the NFL from there. It is 100% clear to anyone with a brain the NFL doesn't draft the best 200 guys available every year and that some players are far better 2 years out of college than others.

    Hawkins was a 2 way player at Toledo playing CB and WR. He was rated as CB coming out of college and ran a 4.34 40 at his Pro Day. He wasn't any more spare than a lot of guys who were late bloomers but good athletes.

    He has 2 brothers, 1 who in the NFL another who starts for the Pittsburgh Panthers in college. His Dad played for the Steelers and he has a couple of cousins with pro ball experience. He is short but has NFL genes.

    He spent last off-season with Cleveland but didn't make the team. He signed with the CFL and would play there if he doesn't make the NFL this year. His CFL team roster is a who's who of former drafted NFL'ers.

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