Andrew Luck, Jake Locker are NFL ready

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Had Locker entered this year's draft, he probably would have been picked by the Buffalo Bills with the ninth selection, Shonka said. While his completion percentage is down, he has improved in other ways under Sarkisian, mainly in decision-making, according to Shonka. "When he pulls the ball down, he's as dangerous as any quarterback out there," Shonka said. "His decision making is better - making the right read and deciding when to throw or not throw." In the next draft, "he'll still be in the top 10 picks somewhere," he said.

    Luck would be the top pick if he comes out, Shonka said. "When you put together a profile for an NFL quarterback, it would look a lot like Luck. He's not only book-smart but football-smart. He hasn't been mollycoddled with (Jim) Harbaugh. He coaches those guys tough."

    Locker has impressed Harbaugh with his grit as well as his talents. "He's a warrior out there," he said. "We've seen him get knocked down and bounce back up. We've seen him make some great throws. You can tell he's been a little hampered with the injuries, but he plays through it."

    Luck said he got to know Locker during the Pac-10's promotional trip to New York last summer. "He's an awesome guy, humble, down to earth, a hard-working guy," Luck said. Matching wits and skills with Locker on Saturday couldn't be further from his mind, he said.

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    You could stick a guy like Andrew Luck in right now on most any team and he'll give you a solid effecient effort in the same manner Sam Bradford is doing for the Rams.

    You stick Jake Locker in the same situation and you're going to have a mess.
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    If we get the first overall selection and a new CBA containing a rookie salary cap; then start the bidding. Who wants the first pick and what are you going to give me.
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    I dont get the Locker love.

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