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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CanuckCowboysFan, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. CanuckCowboysFan

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    How good is he?

    How does he compare to Sam Bradford or previous top QB's?

    I read that he's the next Peyton Manning, then the next link I clicked said he'd be a bust, so I'm a little torn.
  2. realtick

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    Funny you brought up Sam Bradford. I posted this in a thread in the Draft Zone, but if you throw Andrew Luck on most any team in the league right now, he's going to give you efficient effort and manage the game. In other words, he's gonna give you chance to win.

    You put Jake Locker in the same situation and you're going to have a complete mess.

    Who really knows if Luck is going to be Peyton Manning, that's all hyperbole. I consider myself a bit of a draftnik and I think he has all the tools to be a good one.

    Not saying the Cowboys should draft him, but just commenting on the player himself.
  3. UnoDallas

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    I draft him

    sit him a coulpe years - draft some O line let Romo take the beating

    what has Romo done for us one playoff game

    he the Danny White of the 2000's

    big numbers but can'r win the big game
  4. realtick

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    I have a hard time blaming Romo at all, in fact I could easily see the Cowboys winning a Super Bowl under him. However, how could he ever be fairly judged with the horrendous o-line he was working with and the assembly of stupid surrounding players this season?
  5. UnoDallas

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    that the same thing Danny White used to get - you could not blame him he had the offense never could get us to the big show

    just what Romo is doing big numbers

    an he has not even gotten us as far as D White
  6. realtick

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    That's interesting.

    So when the Vikings defense completely overwhelmed our offensive line in the playoffs last year and our defense failed to show up for about three quarters, you're going to saddle that on Romo?

    Because some adhere to the saying "QBs get too much of the credit and too much of the blame..." it doesn't make it reality.

    It's sort of like looking at the today's box score, seeing Kitna's four interceptions and coming to the conclusion he played terrible. When the reality is that three of those INTs were passes that bounced off his receivers hands and his team's defense was non-existent.

    Until Romo starts having Rex Grossman like meltdowns, I'm going to have a hard time laying serious blame on him.

    Uno, we both know this team is a gutless mess with numerous problems from the top down. IMO, laying it at the feet of Romo is looking for scapegoat.

    In fact, there have been very few crucial games that I would single out Tony Romo as the sole cause of the loss (one of the few that does come to mind is the Cowboy Stadium opener against the Giants last season).
  7. UnoDallas

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    oh no I am not laying it his feet

    I gotta go with the O line

    and the D

    Wade Phillips has lost this team. These players are not willing to play for him any more.

    but I am not buying the great Romo until he brings us a ring

    Romo = D White

    they both had great numbers
  8. CoJo JoJo

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    He has an elite level ceiling. I can't think of a better way to explain him honestly. He's not can't miss, but all the tools are there.

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