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    My iPhone just died on me. I have been pretty fed up with this phone for a while now. The apps are great but the phone is awful. I had Verizon for years and always had great service with any phone I had. Since switching to AT&T I am constantly dropping calls and a few days ago my biggest client told me I really need to get a new phone cause he always has trouble hearing me.

    Anyway, I am obviously going back Verizon and was hoping for some feed back on the Andoid OS and how it compares to the iPhone in terms of functionality.
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    The Android OS is very very good. I don't have an iPhone, the closest I have to compare it with is my wife's iTouch. (she uses a sidekick) I like the Android better for several reason, most of all that it's just more open. Google / T-Mobile doesn't tell me what app I can have and can't have. (xScope web browser freaking owns all mobile web browsers.)

    It does have some things I do not like about it.

    I can't specify a static IP for each WiFi I connect too. (thats a bummer)

    Currently, about once every 3 weeks when coming out of the subway, it just doesn't connect back to the tmobile network. I have to restart it.

    You should be able to kill any apps. (close them) Some people write apps and don't put an "exit" or "close" button. You can still close them with apps made to kill other apps processes, but you shouldn't have too.

    Some of the other good things:
    • Google Goggles (take a picture and it searches google for it) and searching by voice just own.
    • Google Maps with GPS
    • I use Google Voice as my voicemail, so when I get a voicemail, it goes to Google Voice, gets translated then a text of the voicemail is sent to my phone so I can read the voicemail rather than listen to it.
    • I don't have to "root" my phone to do what I want with it
    • My contacts in Gmail automatically sync to my phone and vice versa
    • The password to unlock the phone is drawing shapes rather than typing. Make it a lot easier when on the move.
    • My Google calendar syncs with my phone calendar

    As for the Google Voice, T-Mobile doesn't get any of my voice mails. If I don't answer, it just forwards the call to Google Voice and it takes the voice mail. I can listen to the voicemail on the phone, or on the web. Of course as noted, read what the voicemail says. Of course, it doesn't convert all text properly, but it's readable.

    Some of this stuff might work on the iPhone, I'm just not sure what.

    btw, I have the Nexus One phone, not the Droid or whatever they have at Verizon.
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    The 3G Network has issues as they expand coverage for full 3G...

    In "Settings → General → Network → Enable 3G" you can turn 3G access off and go back to the Edge Network and you will drop far fewer calls... and notice little difference in performance...

    You can also switch off Wi-Fi as the iPhone always looks for that over 3G...
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    Thanks guys made my decision a lot easier. I decided to get the Android seems like it is going to do everything I need and it actually woks well as a phone.
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    I like the Android OS. The phone is cool My office is supporting them now, but I have to say, I don't like having a brick in my pocket.

    It's a boat anchor. Not a fan. I wish it was less of a lug.
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    It must be where you live. I have had ATT for at least 5 years and never had problems with dropped calls.
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    That seems odd though, I had crystal clear reception with Verizon the 6 years I lived in a small town in Indiana, much better then I have had the last 2 years with AT&T in Denver.

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