Andy Reid: distraction or not?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by newlander, Nov 3, 2007.

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    Normally, I'd say it is a distraction to a team. But they have veterans, always play out of their minds against us and desperately need this game. If we can contain Westbrook and Curtis in the slot area with Newman and Reeves as well as harass McNabb we'll win. If not, and they get rolling.....look out. Offensively, Garrett will adapt to a shorter, more controlled passing game with slants and throws to the RB's in the flat the next 2 weeks against this style of aggressive defense. We'll score in the mid to high 20's both weeks IMO. Maybe 30's with a turnover here or there. But the key is our defense and containing those guys in the slot where Welker killed us in the NE game.
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    FWIW, this team doesn't have the many veterans like it did in years past. The D has been very good, but they have alot of young guys out there, ditto the O.

    Pt being that I wonder how the younger players are reacting to the distractions surrounding their HC.

    The entire team will definitely be coming out in full speed to rally around their troubled HC(and they could very well win), but as for the Reid's distractions and how they play out the rest of the season-it could very well weigh the team down ultimately.

    You can tell it's been a major distraction to him already-not having an emergency backup PR, not giving help to a rookie LT, etc-as stubborn of a coach Reid is, this Is Common Sense 101.
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    This is a huge distraction to A. Reid, there is no way around it. I don't know if Reid can compartmentize this distraction and be an effective HC or whether or not Reid's distraction carrys over to coaching staff and his players, I guess we'll see it on the game day.
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    Everybody on that team has problems and sure enuff they are not worried about Andy Reid son.....they will give Reid his respect and support their coach. but otherwise everyteam has players on their team who are going thru problems, just not as much publicize then Reid's kids...
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    Until this game I would have said yes. But this public Crucifixion gave the team a reason to rally and I believe thats what we will see this weekend. Its cold in Philly too. Should start out ugly but we have too many superior weapons.

    They dont have anyone to make plays in the slot unless they play Curtis there. If they do they take him out of their down field attack. I may take that trade off.
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    Sorry but I'm not buying into the hype of the Eagles. They're in last place with a losing record for a reason, cause they aren't a good team. This isn't the same Eagle team thats beaten us over the years. They've gotten worst and we've definately gotten better. On O, they have no threat at WR, no TO or Stallworth and their TE is fighting thru injury. Their oline is beat up and Runyan is hurtin bigtime with a broken tailbone. At QB, McFlabb is still favoring that knee and can't move like he used to. Their only threat is Westbrook and he's a damn good one but we can contain him. Their D is small in their front 7, I see our BIG oline manhandling them and I damn sure can't see their secondary with a banged up Dawkins covering all our weapons. Don't believe the hype, this game won't be that close. Our D will swarm them and pressure Fatboy all game and our O will have many BIG plays. 37-17 Boyz

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