Twitter: Andy Reid PC Tweets - 09/11/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 11, 2013.


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    I am also very familiar with addiction within the family and circumstances(parenting) plays probably the BIGGEST role in deciding if a child turns into an addict. I know we want to put it all on the junkie, but his dad being absent due to his job as a professional coach can't be overlooked unfortunately. Doesn't mean he is a terrible person, maybe just not a great father...I apologize, I didn't initially see that you mentioned his quality as a parent. I was assuming he was physically absent obviously and wrongfully drew my own conclusions.
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    Yes because he didn't have much of an opportunity for success while in Philly. What did they give him a couple of years. Yeah he got totally screwed.:rolleyes:
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    Classless. His kid is dead and you have no idea how good a dad he was.
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    You're right. I apologize. No place for my comment on a football forum. Too late for me to delete but mods feel free to. Again my apologies for any offense or distraction from Cowboys matters.
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    always felt this way. That Philly defense fell apart after Dawkins left and Johnson passed.
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    Some of you guys are showing class in this thread.For years Reid went against your team yet you guys still have sympathy for the guy. Check out Phill forums. You won't see any of this class at all.

    This board is truly something beautiful. And this is coming from a Giants fan so you really have it good here.
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    Reid wasn't our coach... Except for Landry and Jimmy, every Cowboys coach, current and past is hated to some degree.
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    This is not going to be an easy game.
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    I don't understand how one can not respect Andy Reid.

    I would argue that Reid is one of those guys for the Philly franchise.
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    I was always kind of jealous of the Eagles for having Andy Reid as their coach. At times when the Cowboys would have a crisis when one starter was out, it never seemed to matter with the Eagles; they would patch together a lineup no matter what injuries they had and come to play. I see Jason Garrett doing that in Dallas now, but it is long overdue.
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    OH Yeahhhh!
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    I also went in 2009, easily 40% Cowboys fans in attendance. Before that game it was widely speculated that if the Cowboys lost Wade would be fired, Austin and Ratliff saved his job.
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    Reid is a good coach, like him much better since he's not part of Philthy anymore and beginning next week after our game.
    Won't forget the pickle juice game at Texas Stadium, I sweated through that game of misery (Temperature, Galloway & Aikman injuries, Campo) where we lost on several different levels
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    I always had respect for Reid. I hate Philly but Reid is a classy guy and a heck of a good coach. I always knew he would give us a tough game no matter how good or bad his team was. This game will be no different. We're gonna have to bring out A game to win.

    I'm traveling to KC for this game as well. It's gonna be my first in an opposing teams stadium
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    Anybody look at KC's schedule yet? Andy Reid has to take his team to Philly next Thursday, just 4 days after playing Dallas this Sunday. I know coaches deny looking ahead to certain games, but this has trap game for KC written all over it and I hope it plays out that way in the Boys favor.
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    I like Ried and he's awesome on opening days and after bye's but if he cant find a Jim Johnson and a Mcnabb he may flop.
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    No it's all good just something I wanted to point out. It's not bad at all. I get where your heart is and I understand it.
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    Giants suck.

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