ANNOUNCEMENT: We Are Closing Down The Political Zone

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Posted on behalf of the Cowboyszone staff:

    Well, we gave this forum the good old college try. Reluctantly we brought this forum back because some good members requested it. It is our hope that this effort will be taken into consideration by those who will be upset at the closing.

    We want to make this absolutely clear, neither party bears more burden for this closure. It's simply a case of enough is enough and both sides have failed to abide by the Guidelines.

    By far, the most personal disputes on this site, happen in this forum. By far, the most infractions handed out happen due to this forum. By far, we have banned more people from content posted in this forum than all of the others put together. That means this forum causes more issues than Eagles and Redskins trolls.

    We get it, you can't get along politically. You can't put each other on Ignore as we have suggested dozens of times because that isn't manly.

    That leaves us no choice but to close this forum. At least five times we have changed the Sticky Threads about the conduct in this forum. These threads have warned that this day was coming. Well, it's here. From our point of view this is exactly what you all wanted.

    Do NOT under any circumstance take these political topics into the rest of the site. It will not be tolerated.

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