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    Justin Tuck DE Notre Dame Jr. 6’5 261
    By: Robert Davis

    Justin Tuck is classified as a senior, but he has the option of returning for another year if he chooses to do so. During his three seasons on the field, he has become one of Notre Dame’s best playmakers on defense in the school’s history. He is ND’s all time sack leader(24.5 sacks) and single season leader(13.5, set last season). In his last two seasons as a defensive end(he played linebacker his first season), he has totaled 19.5 sacks, 120 tackles, and 33 tackles for loss. Tuck’s cousin is Adalius Thomas of the Ravens.

    Tuck is an explosive pass rusher on the football field. He may be the best pure pass rusher in this draft. He is a great athlete and can really get up field in a hurry. He has great agility, able to quickly change direction in his pursuit up field, and has the closing speed to get to the QB. As a DE, he appears to have the frame to add a few more pounds and not have it effect is athleticism. His freshman year at Notre Dame, Tuck made an impact as a linebacker, and switched to DE the past two seasons. For teams that play the 3-4, Tuck could have an instant impact as an OLB since he is just two seasons removed from playing that spot.

    The biggest flaw in Tuck’s game is the question around his size. He is the classic tweener at the next level. He is slightly undersized as a 4-3 DE, and that causes some questions about where he should go in the draft. If he’s not going to be an every down player, a team is not going to waste a Top 20 pick on him.

    Justin Tuck is going to be a big time pass rusher in the NFL. There are people that think he can’t handle the beating of playing a 4-3 DE spot because of his lack of bulk, but I believe he is such a standout pass rusher, teams will be able to live with him being taken out of some running plays at times. He reminds of Jevon Kearse, and I believe he can have that type of impact in the NFL. I think teams are going to be blown away with his natural athletic gifts in workouts, and he may possibly hear his name called in the Top 25 of the draft. I cannot see him lasting any further than the mid point of Round 2 if he does indeed declare himself eligible for this years draft.
    If we don't go after Abraham, maybe we can get this guy at 20. Or maybe we could get this guy and Merriman at 11 and a CB in the 2nd round. Again, this is a deep CB Draft.
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    Justin Tuck



    Name: Justin Tuck
    Position: Defensive End
    Height: 6'5'
    Weight: 246
    College: Notre Dame
    Class: Junior
    Hometown: Kellyton, Alabama
    High School Central Coosa County
    Birthdate: 3/29/83
    NFL Outlook: His Stock in on the Rise
    Official Team Profile: Profile


    Justin Tuck



    Could be the best speed rusher in the draft when he comes out at his DE spot. Is a fine athlete and has a great ability to turn the corner when rushing the passer. Did not play full time last year but more snaps he should only make him produce more. Really is the size of a LB and might even be a tweener but his job in the game of football is to rush the passer because that is what he is best at.


    Tuck does not have prototypical size. He is a tweener again and might be two small, not powerful enough to hold his own in the running game just yet. Must improve his tackling ability and football IQ overall. Gets out of position at times and is almost too aggressive when rushing the passer. He needs to get smarter and think more in terms of overall defense not just one area of defense.


    Justin Tuck is a great pass rushing prospect. He has great speed, agility, balance, quickness and intensity. Has a good motor and just seems driven to get to that QB. Should improve a lot this season with more playing time and might not even be double teamed that much because of the talent the Irish have a DT. Could really be a special pass rush prospect in the future. If I could have any DE in the nation rush the passer, Tuck would be at or near the top of that list.

    --Jeremy Osborne

    Talk about potential playmakers. If we move to the 3-4, you have both OLB. If we stay 4-3, Tuck at DE and Merriman or DJ at OLB.

    You could not go wrong either way. Give me 2 of these three.
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    Dwight Freeney was also a tweener and look what he's done... The Colts aren't even a defensive powerhouse??!!

    It wouldn't hurt my feelings if he's that good. Brang em' awn ya' Cowboyy!!
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    I'm with you on this one. Tweeners are perfect for todays fast past, open field game. I think Moose was the one to say, that today's game is played more in space than when he played. Tweeners are perfect for that game.
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    Rack is a Notre Dame fan... he likes Tuck but said he wouldn't take him in Round 1...

    I have seen him play a couple of game but will defer to Rack's judgement...

    Perhaps he is a diamond in the rough that falls...
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    I wouldn't take him in the first either. I think he should have used his extra year of eligibility to refine his game some. If he had, he probably would have been a first round lock next year.

    Also, the ND site has him listed at 261. I believe he came to ND as a linebacker and was converted to end. His team bio/info is listed here:

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